Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flashpoint: More Shopping!

Well, three of the players were sick and it wasn't until about 8 o'clock that we started gaming (we finished by 9) so the rest of it was spent with Lenny loaning her alien adamantine meteorite with its glowing symbols to the university for study in exchange for 120gp and a 10% discount on items bought there; Lunjun Siva bought some more ingredients for his ammunition; and Proteus slept with a shop owner who was paranoid that her husband, a sailor, was off having an affair.

Proteus opened the puzzle box that he was meant to take to the Shelyn Temple only to find nine charred bones as though from some sort of hand which he poured out onto his hand and then dropped eight back into the box - the ninth had disappeared; they finally took the puzzle box to the Shelyn Temple; and in recompense was offered teleportation to most major cities on Avistan. This was mostly about a threat Hallik made (that the Witch of Piccolo Island backed up) that Lhye's mother would be targeted in a month by Hallik's grandfather. Without a way to get there in time (he had three weeks), he'd have to split from the party and attempt it by himself as the others were keen to do the first mission objective given to Archer as a privateer - defeat the Hydra's Fang and bring back the tablets.

The Hydra's Fang Incident is a pre-published adventure for the Pathfinder Society that I'm modifying for play, by the way.

Anyway, they ended up sorting it out that Archer would be captain (Proteus' player wasn't happy as he'd built his character to be captain but was far too Chaotic Neutral to gain their confidence), Proteus would be first mate, Lunjun would be navigator and second mate, Lenny would be bosun and captain of the marines (if they ever get any), Mellarius would be purser, Wellard would still be a midshipman and main helsman, and Lhye would be a cook-surgeon. Only three of their entire set have any skill at sailing so they need another five to be able to sail this ship correctly. They would sail out, deal with the Hydra's Fang Incident and thus cause 'peace' between Cheliax and Andoren (doubtless not lasting) before teleporting to Riddleport to get Lhye's mother and return to Andoren ... somehow.

Oh, and no one knows that Proteus opened the puzzle box nor 'lost' one of the bones.

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