Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shadows Campaign: Spreading Corruption

For this session, I managed to get another of my old Troupire players to reprise his original role of the Taifa Gangrel, Hassan, from the Circle of the Crone. It sure made it a lot easier for me to run since there were minimal NPCs in this bit so I got to focus on the atmosphere of the place and the various clues they came across. I wanted to establish a sense of mystery and danger right from the out-set. Nowhere is truly safe for them. Outside in the dark, there are spontaneous abberations of shadow that may come from them. Inside in the light, there is human observation and vampire needs that can create a volatile mix. Unless they're at home in their own havens, but with the current praxis seizure, that may not be safe either.

In this episode Hassan and James Tyler meet to discuss the praxis seizure near an abandoned hotel in the Adelaide Hills. Hearing two gunshots, they head to the source and find a camp-site where something large has tunneled up beneath three campers and devoured them, leaving a head and two hands in one of the freshly churned sections of dirt. Following the tracks of the shooter, they pass one of the camper's homes and upon investigation find something hiding in the dog house. They hear the dog growling but even their Auspex can't pierce the shadows inside. The dog starts barking and the teenaged occupant of the house calls out for the dog to shut up but when it doesn't she promises to come downstairs. Hassan and James are forced to confront the dog and kill it before it has a chance to kill the girl.

I figured I'd do things a little differently since this is a horror session I've done. I'm going to give a detailed run down of this session, providing you with monster statistics, music titles used, and detailing the considerations I had when creating this session, I'm going to break it up into four other articles and release them over the next four days. They will be:

Act I: Eagle-on-the-Hill
Act II: Dead Campers
Act III: Bad Dog
Monster Statistics: Shadow Hound

Links will be put into place as I've put them up. By the way, I took a lot of inspiration for this adventure while writing the Alan Wake Game Translation. I hope you enjoy the analysis.

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