Thursday, July 5, 2012

Andoran Ship Building / Tactics

Andoran: There are a number of reasons why the Andorens have focused so highly on seafaring technology and it's not all about equality and alliances. It's because most of their trading allies are across the Inner Seas (Absalom, Osirion, Riddleport, Mana Wastes, Geb) while their enemies are landlocked around them preventing easy travel via roads. Even some of the other Avistan neutral countries require river transport as the easier route. Thus their mercantile interests required long-ranging vessels. They also have a history of setting out across long distances by ship, such as their failed colony on a far-flung country.

Their keen hatred of slavers also gives them reason to expand their naval strength with an eye to speed, and the slavers' hatred of them also means they need to be able to easily protect their roaming merchant ships over long distances (particularly since Chelish privateers also target them). They have several major port cities and it is arguably easier for the Chelish to simply land troops along their coast line then to traverse the rocky ranges of the Aspodell Mountains that separate them from their enemies.

Historically, they're also ship builders as during the time where they were part of the Taldan Empire, the region was actually established in order to provide the imperial navy with ships; lumber harvested from the Arthfell Forrest was transported to the shipyards at Augustana so the infrastructure, history, and resources were all there.

So there's the motive.

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