Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old From Salt To Sand Demon the Fallen Campaign

So one of my old players tracked down an old LiveJournal I kept with my first major campaign, the Demon the Fallen WWII game that last for about one or two real years (and about three weeks in-game). You can take a look at my posts over here if you like. I know I'm going to have to go back over there and take a walk down Nostalgia Lane.


  1. OMG, seriously who found this? Talk about memory lane. God I miss Raziel...

  2. BAH, I was so intensely reading the LiveJournal, loving the memories, impressed at the detail considering the hectic-ness of our sessions and the fact most write-ups were months after the actual sessions...
    and then BAM, dot points.

    Sad Panda

  3. lol, I'm really not surprised. And Illaria found it. I noticed because she commented on one of them.