Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The ST / DM Break

Sometimes, you just need to have a break. I didn't run the Flashpoint Campaign last night because the game took a sudden turn in a new direction and I needed time to think about it. Originally I was just thinking in terms of the next adventure but this very morning I got to think about campaign direction, grander themes, and major revelations. I also thought of some epic scenes they could encounter during their journeys.

Annoyingly enough, all of this is way too advanced to be in the next session, but at least I know how to flavor the more ordinary and mundane matters of them swabbing decks and trimming sails - presuming they don't mutiny straight up and scuttle the boat. Probably not the best idea since lacedon are aquatic ghouls and therefore better fighters in the water and because they will have had time to infect all of the other sailors.

So for all of you players out there, if your DM wants to take a break, encourage it. It can often bring a fresh perspective and more exciting twists to the gaming table and really isn't that what we all want?

As for you DMs and STs and what-nots out there, go for it. If the game is starting to grind down or you haven't had time to prepare or you really need to think things through, there's nothing wrong with taking the occasional session off to give yourself more time to think it over. So long as the general rhythm of gaming sessions is maintained (in other words, don't take too many random holidays) then there shouldn't be any trouble with it.

Anyone else take the odd break to re-think things through? Or are you guys the type to grin and bear it?

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