Monday, July 9, 2012

Link for Why Adventure Games Suck

So for all of you who are curious as to why the Grumpy Gamer thinks adventure games suck, go on over here to check it out. I don't agree with all of this person's points, but it is a good look at the various mechanics and techniques used by certain adventure game companies.


  1. Of a notable point: Ron Gilbert is the man behind the Monkey Island point and click adventure series, as well as some of Lucasarts' other point n clicks from the 80s-90s.

  2. Which really makes the whole article all the more interesting to read.

  3. By the way, there's a link on the article to Old Man Murray's site about adventure gamer logic which has a neat summary: "Who killed Adventure Games? I think it should be pretty clear at this point that Adventure Games committed suicide." You can find the article here: