Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flashpoint: Bad Slavers

This session was pretty short, sharp and sweet as one of our players couldn't get there until late but I wanted to wait for him.  They went up to their old darkwood pinnace that had been stolen by four Mwangi pirates who had sold the remainder of their crew into slavery.  The pinnace was docked toward the far end of the jetty.  It was 2AM, four were on deck, and the rest were in a tavern.

They rowed out to it and Proteus cast Fae Aspect on his monkey and rose it up using Mage Hand to be threatening toward them - startling the drunken and paranoid sailors.  Lhye's familiar had Cause Fear cast on it and it darted across the deck behind them - startling them again and causing one to panic and run off.  The others were made of sterner stuff (highly successful Will rolls on simply non-magical fear caused by the situation).

So Lunjun cast Web over them.  Archer tried to take them captive but Boano (the Bonuwat) argued against it because those particular Mwangi were from a demonic worshipping tribe he despises.  Boano stated that they couldn't be trusted to give their word.  Archer insisted but Proteus threw his trident into one of them, near killing him, and so the others had to wade in - hacking their way through the web - to kill the others.  One slaver got loose and landed in the water but was killed when he surfaced.

So then they took their little convoy and headed back to Augustana.  It was a three and a half day journey since the wind was behind their sails.  They did suffer from a brief wind storm which led Proteus to dive into the water and use his bardic abilities to calm the waters around the galleys enough to keep them from overturning.

Although they were in a tight line rather than an attack formation, Augustana's Navy was justifiably paranoid since it was the enemy Chelish pirate's sloop of war in the lead (though it did look different from its adjustments).  They were circled by pinnaces that sent messages along as to who were in charge.  The huge 96-rate ship carrying Rear Admiral Cornwallis (had to pay homage through the name) signalled for the 'men in charge of the vessels' to come aboard.

The Ship's Mage accepted the locked box full of cursed tablets.  The ships' captain took them into his office to see Rear Admiral Cornwallis who gave them a slight briefing of their next mission: pretend to be actors and then go forth as gentleman pirates unattached to Andoren to get in close to the Shackle Pirates to figure out why they were making friends with Nidal and ideally break the alliance.  The Rear Admiral knew of the deal Lhye had arranged through Proteus to get the Shelyn church to teleport the group to save his mother in Riddleport.  He told them to hurry back once it were arranged and then he would give them a full briefing of the mission's details.

And there we left it.  Just before they would receive a hero's welcome.

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