Friday, November 30, 2012

Skill Under The Spotlight: Politics

Politics is a tricky one.  It can be used like an Empathy roll for social situations, but often Storytellers will simply use Empathy for that.  You could use it to research the political backgrounds and ties of people but in most games it won't come up much and in political games you'll generally have to do the hard work to get that sort of sensitive information rather than rely on a single die roll.  Take a look at the below uses, however, and you can see how the Politics skill can provide you with handy hints and good tips rather than an All or Nothing 'the answers' or 'bust'.

Possible specialties could be Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, High School Students, Academia, Vampire Court, Elections, or even Debate (if your Storyteller is kind enough to let a successful planning roll with Politics add dice to your Persuasion roll for the actual debate).  See below for the actual skill uses.

Deal with the ins and outs of university bureaucracy (Manipulation or Wits + Politics).
Understand cult psychology (Wits + Politics)
How to create a cult (Intelligence or Manipulation + Politics)
Understand cult, and other organisational, arrangements and set ups (Wits + Politics)
Recognise political heavy weights (Wits + Politics)
Bribery on a city, state, or federal level (Manipulation + Politics)
Talk intelligently on current affairs and political issues (Intelligence + Politics)
Use, laws, regulations, and bureacracy against an enemy (Intelligence + Politics)
Cut down the red tape on an application (Intelligence + Politics)
Know how to complain to council to get something done about it (Presence + Politics)
Swing schoolyard politics to your advantage (Presence + Politics)
Gain insight into how to gain popularity (Wits + Politics)
How to create cults or mobilise groups (Manipulation + Politics)
How to humiliate an office holder (Manipulation or Presence + Politics)
Say the right thing in a board meeting (Manipulation + Politics)
Threat assess someone's political might (Intelligence + Politics)
Understand the instruments of the government (Intelligence + Politics)
Know how to bribe an official (Manipulation + Politics)
Understand foreign governments, systems and basics (Intelligence + Politics)
Make an issue popular or unpopular with the people (Manipulation + Politics)
Force a change in administration (Manipulation or Intelligence + Politics)
Get a promotion through office politics (Manipulation + Politics)
Recognise and interpet office politics (Wits + Politics)
Build a platform (Resolve + Politics)
Get something accomplished through political machinery (i.e. heritage listing) (Resolve + Politics)
Keep your cool during a press conference (Composure + Politics)
Recognise major players and what the office rules are (Wits + Politics)
Figure out whose in power and how they got there (Wits + Politics)
Identify a person's political enemies and allies (Wits + Politics).

You can find the core article with all of the other likely links over here.

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