Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Hunt Campaign Summary

Since I won't be doing a write up for every adventure, I thought I'd just collate it all here into a quick summary.  Some of these episode names will have links attached to them.  They'll be labeled with what they're for.  Actual Play for a session summary.  Review for a review of the published adventure (if used).  Article if I have an article inspired by, and about, that particular session.

You can find the basic background information on The Hunt Campaign over here.
  • 1949.  Anti-Nos Murders.  James Pattison (not yet a Tyler) arrives in Chicago with his sire, Peter Walsh.  They meet a little orphan girl, Charlotte, who has a razor sharp memory when she demands a hefty $100 bribe (and gets $10 in the dark) for information on the rather OCD killer who's been killing well-dressed gentlemen who first come into a certain pub to 'pay their tab'.  It turns out that they're rich homosexual young men with Trust Funds behind them who are from a Ventrue's gay nightclub and who are being killed in a manner that implicates the Nosferatu.  They decide to take Charlotte with her to groom her as a hunter - which is what she wants.
  • 1949.  Harpy Orphanage.  Charlotte leads them to an orphanage where kids have been going missing.  A trip into the mysterious basement finds a gateway into 'somewhere' that seemed to sparkle slightly but which neither Peter or James enter.  Instead they go onto the rooftop of a nearby building to spy on the matrons and they find them each sitting at prayer in identical postures in their night gowns.  Their faces show their age but their bodies are all young and nubile.  One notices James and there follows an attack where James leaps across the building's gap and uses Vigor to crash through the window, attacking the leader.  Eventually, all of the Harpy-like women (judging from their use of birds) are killed and the three leave.
  • 1949.  James tries to break it to Charlotte that they're vampires.  Charlotte feigns surprise but isn't very good at it.  They're not exactly subtle once you know what signs to look for.
  • 1950.  Puppet Shows & Shadow Plays (Delta Green).  James is dragged out to Arizona by Peter after Peter noticed a string of connected murders and suicides following a meteorite shower.  Peter thinks its aliens as meteorites were involved.  James thinks its more likely to be some kind of omen following or preceding an event.  They feign being FBI agents by happening to arrive just before dawn, being 'out' during the day, and dealing with the cops at night.  Funnily enough, not that hard in this particular scenario and it actually helps that they have to skip time a fair bit as it'd be weird to examine a scene at midnight.  They take out the baddie and high tail it out of there - leaving a radio call out for assistance for the survivors.
  • 1950.  James makes a point to meet a Chicago kindred as he wishes to learn Auspex.  He mentions his House and the Daeva sets up an introduction with a House relative, Jeremiah Tyler, whose puritanical beliefs and Lancea Sanctum perspective make him an odd Tyler and explained why he left for America hundreds of years ago.  Nowadays he seems like the usual sort of Tyler but is interested in training James and makes the offer in such a gentle way that James tentatively accepts.  After all, he can always flee Chicago if he needs to, right?  Besides, Jeremiah says that the training can also teach coils which is something that Peter umms and ahhs about.
  • 1950.  James undergoes his first three months of Tyler training to become the ultimate courtesan (usually you begin with 50 years of ghouldom but Jeremiah could tell James didn't undergo that).  He is taught rudimentary musical instruments, French pronunciation lessons (he already speaks the language), rudimentary Italian, improved ettiquette lessons for dealing with vampires,
  • 1951.  Who am I?  (Insylum).  James awakens in the CArlton COunty Schizophrenic Annexe as an amnesiac schizophrenic who checked himself in two weeks ago due to memory loss and hallucinations.  He has been violent a couple times already.  No one seems to know he's a vampire.  Even he doesn't recall it.  Insylum Summary. 
  • 1953.  Delta Green (Chaosium).  This adventure was pretty much like Supernatural.  James and Walsh (now in the form of a white man) pretended to be FBI agents and flashed their forged credentials as they took a look around.  They were initially interested due to the preternatural strength displayed by a service station thief and accidental murderer.  They soon discovered a monstrous conspiracy to experiment upon those living within a small backwaters town.  They still don’t truly know what they faced but they did manage to undo it by burning down some of the flammable substances inside the barn.
  • 1954.  James, Charlie, and Walsh arrived in London and James got the chance to meet with the coterie who had experimented upon him and forcibly taught him more coils.  Joy Tyler seemed dismissive about the entire thing as she really expected him to understand the importance of it.  Wilhelm, on the other hand, simply sat and listened to his complaints and offered up little defence.  That seemed to calm James down, who was mostly upset about the emotional manipulation of feeling his emotions blossom and then die.
  • 1954.  Tatters of the King (Chaosium).  This is an entire campaign and you can find out more about what it’s about over here.  If you’d like to see the various materials I’m posting up about this campaign, including how I will be running it in the World of Darkness, you can find it here.  I won’t be doing an Actual Play for it as I’m doing far too many as it is.

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