Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Daeva Location: Sweet Salon

The Sweet Salons are held in a beautiful nightclub called "The Bright Spark" that plays old-fashioned jazz tunes and still manages to retain its popularity with a slightly older crowd.  On certain Saturday nights, the jazz club is closed to the public and only certain VIPs are allowed entrance.  These VIPs are, naturally, members of Clan Daeva.  Normally such a place is only for those of a reasonable status within city, court or covenant (Status 2) but they make an exception occasionally by inviting the freshly embraced or the newly arrived as a Special Guest.  Sometimes they even invite a member of another Clan.  They never invite Elders or older Ancillae.  It's only for young Ancillae and Neonate up-and-comers who've risen fast within the ranks.

In fact, during this particular style of soiree, run by the Daeva Deputy Sheriff known as Leila Grant and these events are called the Sweet Salons.  Sometimes it's great to be their Special Guests.  Such a person is lured there under appearances of friendship or tricked into arriving through retainers or human allies without forewarning of the salon itself.  They are indulged, befriended, and then either ignored at later social engagements (at best) or subjected to strange and twisted social games (at worst).

One of their favourites is a simple one where an eager young thing is toyed with into thinking they made social faux pas when the other kindred start to react to certain statements quite badly.  The kindred leaves feeling like they just missed their chance and not knowing why.  Others are alternately bullied, cajoled, and sweet talked.  Some try to convince the kindred to side with one alleged clique or another.  Perhaps the kindred is even convinced to do something that is social suicide at the next court.  Awe is the only form of mental manipulation allowed.

There's two dozen blood dolls who provide the bulk of the crowd as the kindred present rarely number a dozen - though they are normally on the dance floor, bartenders, performing on the stage, or sitting in booths or at tables in quiet conversation like the extras in a Noir movie.  They are all quite attractive though none are more beautiful than the Deputy Sheriff's girlfriend, Ava Schmidt.  The blood dolls are all willing to be fed from, though none of them are aware of the existence of vampires and think they're part of some strange 'sex cult' who drink and make out for the amusement of the rich.  Many of them are from the theatre business and are hoping to make their big break.  If a blood doll is silly enough to ask too many questions, they will end up so well-Dominated and drugged up that they'll have a quick trip into an asylum controlled by a Daeva elder who takes a special joy in messing with the heads of potential hunters since his lover was slain by hunters a century ago.

Anyone who wants a drink will find it laced with blood by one of the bartenders to allow for an easy drink.  Mix in enough warm blood and any alcoholic cocktail will go down and be absorbed without the expenditure of vitae (at least in my game).  When a bartender gets too blood-weak, they go and have some orange juice and a lie down and another one takes their place.  These five bartenders are more in the know.  They are all in thrall to Ava Schmidt.  They are also all capable combatants with guns and knives under the counters.

The bouncers are the Deputy Sheriff's personal thralls and are quite capable as well.  If necessary, their role is also to ensure that no one leaves in the event of a frenzy or a game gone too far.  You see, while the kindred do have access to enough Dominate to remove any pesky memories, they can't let any of the humans out even if it means they die.  The occasional person does step loose from it with a friend who suddenly disappeared.

This salon was invented for use in my James Tyler campaign.  You can read more about that campaign over here.

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