Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vampire Sheriff Set Up

In my James Tyler campaign, the London Sheriff has assigned a Deputy Sheriff to separate precincts joined under his command rather than simply having a pool of deputies who serve him directly.  Each Deputy functions as a mini-Sheriff, reporting to the true Sheriff, but otherwise administering and investigating crimes within his precinct as he sees fit.  No Deputy is to stray outside of his own precinct, except to attend soirees or report a cross-city problem to another Deputy.  The Sheriff is to be kept apprised of all situations and has the right to personally investigate any problems that he sees as sufficiently interesting.

In some of the more troubled spots, the Sheriff has placed two Deputies in place in opposition to each other so that they will constantly be striving to outdo each other in spotting trouble.  He only does this in Carthian regencies or places where known troublemakers spend their time because setting two kindred to prove themselves to him in this way means that a lot of trumped up charges and false conspiracies are found -- things that would de-stabilise the region if allowed to occur in important neighborhoods.  Since their precincts contain those the Prince cares little for anyway, the extra strife it causes it considered to be beneficial.

It does make the Carthians chafe and give them more to complain about but the London kindred believe the Carthians are not a threat and, for now, they aren't.  Things will change when the Information Era brings swift changes in technology and social norms.

There are currently twelve Deputies in this court which ranges from the London Metropolitan area to its surrounding suburbs to the north, west, near south and near east.  The East End belongs to a different kindred court - one established and run by some rather lowbrow Invictus whom the more proper Metro to West End Invictus court consider to be uncouth fools who unfortunately have managed to retain their court independence.

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