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London Fae Spotlight: Jack Frost

This NPC is a True Fae from Changeling: the Lost that was made for use in my Tatters of the King World of Darkness conversion.  You can read the story of the Jack Frost over here.  You can read more of my materials, thoughts, and creations in The Tatters of the King campaign list of articles over here.  If you ever choose to use him, please let me know as it encourages me to supply more information on these guys.

Aww, isn't the True Fae cute?  You can trust him.

Titles: The Winter Artisan (Prop), Jack Frost (Actor), The Bluebirds of Playful Serenade (Wisp)

The Tell:

Jack Frost's tell is a general blue, white, and skin tone colouring with etchings of black as well as a pattern of frost (also known as rime) that appears on clothing or glass.

Storytelling Hints:

Jack Frost is too good to be true.  He's full of ready smiles, enthusiasm, and fun ideas that he just has to share with you.  He has a knack for making his false sincerity seem somehow believable and he can make you really want to believe in him.  This is, in part, due to his ultra-competitive streak with the other True Fae which makes him seem a great ally against the Others.  Think Peter Pan if he were a True Fae.  Unlike most True Fae, he does understand enough about how humans work to be able to believable fake assisting them in the long-term due to an amulet he wears which contains pieces of his soul.  Don't mistake it for true emotion for he is no Banished.  His amulet raises him from a whimsical being that cannot comprehend humans to a whimsical being with the comprehension of a human.  If you fall down and hurt yourself, he will show concern because *click, whirr* that is what you do but that won't stop him from forgeting a few moments later or begging you to keep moving even if it'll cause you injury later on.

Favored Changeling Creations:

Jack tends to make changelings seemingly by accident when he grows interested in a mortal and decides to spirit them off into another world.  Over time and the course of several adventures the mortal begin to change.  If they're lucky, he tires of them after returning them back on Earth (leaving them a Fae-touched mortal).  Oddly enough, some of the mortals returned continue their transformations - often into a Darkling that yearns for their old master.  Some Changelings are simply abandoned in some random realm in Arcadia though this is normally due to some confusion or miscommunication over whether the mortal or Changeling desires to remain behind.  Due to his love of all things winter, a mortal may develop into a Snowskin or Waterborn to better deal with the elements that he favors or other kiths like Truefriends, Playmates, or Weissen Frau.  If he abandons them in a foreign realm, they may become a Darkling of some description.  If he lures a Changeling into his adventures then they may develop a dual kith to adjust to the lifestyle.


Jack Frost wants an adventure.  He steals Changelings from under the Others' noses, seemingly befriends motleys of Lost by assisting them against other Fae incursions, and otherwise causes enough trouble that one day he is bound to become a Banished.  One day.  Not today, though, as he has so far arranged a wide number of Feuds that make the attacks entirely legitimate.  He also has particular preferences for his Titles and will trade Titles with other Fae if he wins one that is inappropriate to the way he sees himself - this is the result of a Pledge made when he was bound by an occultist in the world.

Example Feuds

  • See the Red Queen, Snow Princess and Pied Piper (coming soon) entries for the feuds he has with them.
  • If Jack Frost can steal the Seamstress' sewing needles and gifts them to a Changeling who stitches the Seamstress into a room, he wins a title.  If the Seamstress collects enough pieces from Jack's adoptive or made Changelings to create a form in his likeness, Jack will forfeit a title to the Seamstress.
  • Jack Frost has sworn on the Wyrd and his true name that he will never kidnap a mortal or a Changeling.  They must always come willingly to him and he must never outright lie to them about where he is taking them.  He may never purposefully injure nor kill a human being nor Changeling except in defence of his life or someone who is his sworn friend.  Naturally he finds ways around this when it suits him but generally these rules actually assist him in appearing to be the only trustworthy Fae on the planet (which, naturally, he is not).
Title Statistics
You can find them here:
Jack Frost's Tale

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