Friday, May 31, 2013

Prop: The Winter Artisan

From Rise of the Guardians
Prop: The Winter Artisan

The Winter Artisan was a True Fae whom Jack Frost devoured in the 1700s and re-forged into a Prop for his own use.  It appears to be a five foot long gnarled walking stick lovingly embellished with carvings of snow flakes and autumn leaves whose mien reveals a light frosting against its lower tip.

  • The Winter Artisan can be used to sculpt ice attached to anything it touches (i.e. ice blades on one's boots for use as roller blades).  Water does not need to be provided.  The creation can be up to Size 5 although successful uses can forge something larger.
  • It can blast an enemy with sharp spikes of ice that functions to a range of 20 + Wyrd yards.  +8 automatic successes added after a successful hit is made using Dexterity + Weaponry.
  • It can change the colours of any natural fabric to an autumnal (as in autumn leaves) or wintry design.
Fae Weakness: The Winter Artisan can only be destroyed by summer's fires - such as a naturally occurring bush fire in an Australian summer or the Summer King calling down fire against the prop.

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