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Class Specific Relics, Alchemists & Rogues

Both Alchemists and Rogues in Fianyarr need to be a little cunning in order to survive the rigors of their existence.  Both also tend to succumb to the temptations of their curiosity about people, places and objects.  Due to this, while class restricted objects still tend to be guided into the hands of those of that path they are also more likely to end up in the hands of the path most similar to their own and thus relics for one of these two paths sometimes end up in the hands of their twins.  While no character can purchase another class's restricted relics at character creation, the relic at least won't disappear if it ends up in the hands of a class twinned to the one the relic is dedicated towards


(*) Spring-Heeled Anklet: This relic allows a person to double the distance at which they can jump or leap.  In other words, they can jump two feet vertically or leap four feet.  Tell: This anklet contains a series of little charms in the shape of various animals that are skilled at jumping.

(**) Secret Shoes: This relic allows a person to either make no noice when falling to the ground (even if she lands on bells) or to float 6 inches off the ground in a straight line for around 10 feet.   Tell: These shoes have little white wings etched onto them by the heel or, in some cases, actually has feathers attached. 

(***) Skeleton Key: Sometimes a rogue needs to get through a lock in a hurry and for this purpose they track down skeleton keys.  If the lock requires anything less than 7 successes this key can be used to automatically unlock it.  On the other hand, if the lock requires 7 or more successes the rogue gains 9-again on Larceny checks to pick that lock.  A Skeleton Key can only be used once per day.  Tell: A slight clicking noise can be heard when activated.

(****) Shadow Leathers: This set of leather armor has its penalties to Initiative and Speed reduced to 0 and once per session it can be activated to provide a +2 bonus against being seen so long as there are nearby shadows. Tell: Shadow Leathers seem to be cast in a shadowy gloom when activated.

(*****) Flash Dagger: This 3L dagger can also be activated once per scene to ignore an enemy's Defense for a single turn as a series of well-defined after-images flash across his vision.  Tell: The dagger has an eerie gleam and leaves an occasional after-image in its wake.

(* to ***) Biting Knife: This knife can be activated to inflict armor piercing damage and ignore points of Armor or an object's Durability equal to the dots in value.  Tell: The tip of the knife is highly reflective and will flash with sunlight or firelight while activated.


(*) Research Aid: This bookmark can be placed within a book as a person reads to drastically reduce the time it takes to read the book.  Each Research roll performed during an extended action takes only five minutes rather than the normal 30 minutes.  It reduces the time of a single roll.  Tell: The sound of crackling paper.

(**) Cypher Book: This book encodes anything written within it so that only those the writer nominates and who spend a point of glamour upon touching the book may actually read it.  This book has an inexhaustible number of pages which can also be torn out and which retain the mystical code upon them.  However any writing put onto a page after it has been torn loose will not be encoded.  Tell: Anything written within the book appears in a strange series of symbols that the writer still somehow understands.

(***) Lightning Ward
This amulet protects the wearer from being damaged by electricity though he may still be caught in place by it or knocked prone.  This requires a reflexive Wyrd + Alchemy roll to activate and the character is protected for a number of rounds equal to successes.  Tell: The relic releases a static discharge when rubbed thrice.

(****) Fire Retardant Cloak: This cloak downgrades damage dealt by fire from lethal to bashing or from aggravated to lethal if one is normally dealt aggravated damage by fires.  The cloak itself can't be damaged by fire.  Tell: The cloak often feels warm to the touch and smells a little smoky.

(*****) Frozen Hourglass: This relic is, for obvious reasons, adored by those rogues who manage to obtain one.  By turning it upside down, muttering a short incantation and spending three willpower points, the character can move between the gaps in time.  The character makes an Intelligence + Resolve roll and time stops for as many turns as they make successes.  The rogue may manipulate objects to their hearts' content during all of this but only one violent act can be made against a subject.  This violent act is subject to the Killing Blow rules but immediately ends the mystical effect.  Oh, and after the rogue is jarred back into the regular time stream and takes a severe derangement for 12 hours before becoming mild for another 12 hours.  Tell: The grains of sand in this hourglass seem to sparkle.

(* to ***) Recipe Book: This book contains advanced scientific recipes that can be created on an alchemy or chemistry kit and provides a +1 to +3 bonus to Alchemy rolls made for the listed recipe. Tell: The handwriting in the book seems to shift from one style of handwriting to another.

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