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Class Specific Relics, Brawlers & Fighters

In Fianyarr, Brawlers and fighters are twin paths that both favor those who use their physical might to advance either their own goals or the goals of those they serve.  These goals might be something as fleeting as "don't look at me funny" or as long lasting as "all those who oppose the Godking must be vanquished".  Either way those who follow this path put a lot of effort into their ability to wield such physical might and often become well known for their talents.  Thus while relics from the Path of the Warrior are different from the Path of the Soldier and try to settle into the hands of those from their own path they won't be immediately stolen away by fate if they end up in the hands of their twin path.  If a Brawler picks up a Sunderer from a fallen Fighter, she may keep it.  The Brawler just isn't going to randomly happen across it the same way a Fighter may.  A Brawler can also give a Fighter an Armored Tattoo if pressed.


(*) Settle Down Manacles: This person who places these manacles upon a target's wrists gains a +3 bonus to all Intimidation rolls made against that target.  Tell: The manacles always seem slightly wet in patches as though someone had freshly cried upon them. These wet patches disappear once they are placed upon someone's wrists.

(**) Ring of Minor Telekinesis:The brawler can activate this ring to lift an object no heavier than 3lbs and move it for up to 10ft.  The ring only works once per day and is rejuvenated at midnight.   Tell: If examined under a ray of light where motes of dust are evident dancing in the air then one will notes the motes seem to dance around a funnel above the ring.

(***) Mask of Life:Damage done to the brawler is never visible to onlookers.  It simply appears that the wounds either immediately closed or the blade simply didn't strike true. The brawler also suffers no wound penalties until the end of the scene.  Can only be used once per week.  Tell: The mask is surprisingly effective at portraying anger and malice as though the shadows within its eye sockets are following you and wishing you harm. 

(****) Obedience Collar: Anyone wearing this collar must make a Resolve + Composure roll to try to escape. Even if successful, they must make additional rolls for every day that they attempt to flee and if they fail any of those rolls then they must spend a day trying to come back to their masters. If they try to remove the collar then they must make the Resolve + Composure roll every round and even a single failure prevents any additional tries for the rest of that day. This doesn't prevent the wearer from trying to attack the Brawler only in efforts to try to flee.Tell: The collar was made with a lot of love and lavish devotion with an incredibly detailed design. Even after extensive study, one keeps discovering new things about the design.

(*****) Medallion of Power Exchange: This medallion lets the user spend health to temporarily buff a single attribute that is chosen at the time of the object's creation. In other words it may buff Strength or Dexterity or Stamina, but once set it can't be changed.  The medallion can only be used once per session.  Each bashing damage taken grants a +1 bonus to the Attribute while lethal damage grants a +2 bonus to it (maximum 5).  This only works for a single hour.  Tell: The medallion always seems to have dried blood within its grooves no matter how well it is cleaned.

(* to ***) Armored Tattoo: The fighter has a mystical tattoo somewhere about their body from which they can draw a defensive armor from use of the spirit within the icon for a single scene.  The 1-point tattoo provides armor equivalent to chainmail, 2-point equivalent to Lorica Segmenta and 3-point is equivalent to Plate Armor.  The character doesn't take any penalties from these armours.  This costs a single point of glamour and lasts for a week.  Tell: The tattoo seems to have some greater significance to onlookers.


(*) Unbreakable Shield: Its durability can't be bypassed by any mundane weapon.  Tell: When first lifted on any particular day, the shield feels twice as heavy as normal. This only lasts for a single round. Bear in mind that this is merely a sensation. The shield itself doesn't literally weigh any more than normal.

(**) Returning WeaponThis weapon can be activated as soon as its left its master's hand (even if it is pulled from your sheath).  The weapon tries to get back to its owner's hand which causes a -1 penalty to all physical rolls made by the thief. If no one is holding it then it will jerk itself back into the fighter's hand, moving three feet per round. The bond can be forged in one of two ways. If the weapon currently has no other bond then a person can forge the bond by spending one point of willpower and ten points of glamour which are invested into it. If the weapon currently has a bond then it is only relinquished if the weapon is gifted to another by the wielder through their own free will or upon the wielder's death. Tell: There is a sensation of 'rightness' when held by the bonded wielder and a sensation of 'wrongness' when held by any other person.

(***) Sunderer: This hand-held weapon ignores Durability when it is attacking a mundane (non-magical) object.  If it's used against a magical item than the weapon ignores up to two points of the object's durability.  Tell: The weapons edge will chew through any scabbard that isn't made of basilisk skin.

(****) Dire Weapon: This weapon can be empowered through the expenditure of  two points of glamour to do aggravated damage for a single round.  Tell: The weapon has rather vicious sigils engraved into its blade that evoke concepts of violence and death.

(*****) Dragonglass Armor: Similar in design to a beautiful set of plate armor, this armor provides an armour benefit of 4 / 4, requires 2 Strength and gives a penalty of -1 to Defense and Speed.  All damage dealt by fire is downgraded to bashing and all damage dealt by electricity is halved.  Custom Mechanic.  Tell: Well, it is a beautifully designed and ornate plate armor made from obsidian. That's a pretty obvious tell.

(* to ***) Keen Weapon: Some weapons are so well-made that their damage bonus can be increased through the expenditure of a point of glamour.  These Keen Weapons boosts the weapon's damage bonus by one for every rank possessed in this merit to a maximum of 6.  Tell: The blade is so sharp that it makes a distinctive sound when it cuts through the air similar to what you find in movies.

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