Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fianyarr Plants

Even though most plants are deadly and, by their very nature, can't really move very much there's always an interest in fantasy games to have some plant to slay. In the world of Fianyarr, even the plants can be dangerous. Some are mobile. Others lure you to them. Still more are simply dangerous in a very real world manner with poisonous berries or toxic thorns that can kill the unwary. In Fantasy Land, even the trees can kill you. There are no pictures at the moment because for some reason I can't upload any. Ah well....

Writhing Strangle Weed

The Writhing Strangle Weed looks like a normal piece of ivy though it can only be found dangling from trees or rocks without having any roots in the ground.  It often appears to be just moving in a wind as it slowly drops a tendril (see Stick Insects for an idea of how these things move) though a closer inspection will reveal that it has many little barbs on its underside that give it its grip.  While it appears quite plantlike it moves more similarly to an underwater creature, flinging out its ivy 'arms' to grip higher branches and move away.  Once it has strangled a person to death it latches on and inserts tiny roots that gather sustenance from the decomposing corpse and also often hides the body from prying eyes.  It is weak to fire though being a green wood isn't particularly flammable.  It has Armor 2 unless you are using either Fire or a slashing weapon to hack at it.

Power 3, Finesse 3, Resistence 3, Size 3, Health 6, Brawl 3 (Grappling), Stealth 5.


The Mantrap is what many people think of when they think of dangerous plants although it is, at least, quite obvious if you're paying attention.  The mantrap has two sinuous rounded leaves with hair-like fronds at either end that look a bit like ferns.  When someone tickles those ferns and provide a great enough weight, the mantrap slaps closed and the person so trapped struggles and likely suffocates as the sinuous fibres are actually quite tough to get through.  People on the outside can use a lever action to open it up easily enough but those inside can't quite get any purchase.  If seen out in the open it can be easily avoided but someone running through a jungle or otherwise confused by a plethora of flora might not see it until it's too late.

Power 4, Finesse 2, Resistence 4, Size 8, Health 12, Brawl 3 (Shut) (Stay Shut).

Gaseous Bulb

This bulb releases a sedative gas that causes those who inhale to fall unconscious.  As it dissipates quite quickly in the air it is unlikely to reach a high enough initial dose unless a person is reaching into the bulb or an animal is perched above it.  The bulb is about ten foot high with a wooden and bark-like edge which has a series of branches poking out of the bulb that make for an easy climb.  It smells delicious and the fermented water it contains within are a potent alcohol and drug that can leave a person both inebriated and quite chipper.  This is what lures in even those who know about the plants' other effects - the gas that is released from little sacs along the inside of the bulb.  Even those who try not to inhale will find themselves feeling dizzy as they try to get at the liquid (which is six feet down by the way).  Once a person has fallen inside they are sedated and will drown - causing the fermented liquor to have an altogether different sort of taste.

Power 4, Finesse 2, Resistance 2, Size 9, Health 11. Sleeping Poison 11 dice versus Stamina + Wyrd.


This plant doesn't poison to feed itself but rather poisons to protect itself.  The raspberry bush has evolved to look akin to the Evilberry bush to protect itself from people poaching its fleshy fruits and this means that people accidentally consume Evilberries - so named due to the terrible symptoms that, in humanoids, causes symptoms similar to gastroenteritis.  It is rarely lethal except in the very young or quite old.

Evilberries are Toxicity 4.

Deathshead Cacti

This cacti is otherwise indistinguishable from most tall cacti but for its white-tipped black thorns which are tipped with a fast acting neurotoxin that will cause death by paralysis - even the heart stops working.  It works so fast that the person so stung will likely not make more than a few steps before dying and providing nutrients into the soil.

Deathshead Cacti thorns contain Toxicity 9 poison.

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