Friday, September 27, 2013

Class Specific Relics, Bards & Witches

Both bards and witches are masters of influence and deception and thus these paths intertwine in the world of Fianyarr.  While bards are lured into the limelight and witches are so often content to live normal (if adventurous) lives, the two are twin enough that those of one path will not automatically lose a relic they have nabbed from the other path.  In this way some of the greatest legends are of bards with a witch's relic or vice versa as such things need to be taken (rather than being fated into their path) and this often leads to the kind of legendary tales that bards do so enjoy singing about.


(*) Musical Instrument of the Snap Open Lock: This instrument or medallion (for singers) can be played to allow another character to attempt a larceny check against a magical lock (which are normally untouchable for those who don't have the right merits)  The would-be lock breaker gets a number of rounds to attempt it as the bard has Wyrd.  Tell: A perky instrument that has high, eager and excitable sound.

(**) Forgettability Charm: While this object is coveted by rogues everywhere, it is only easily available to bard's who jealously guard its existence and rarely admit that it is possible to make such an object - let alone loan it out.  When activated the wielder is entirely forgettable to the point that people will ignore them or break off conversation with them and ignore them stealing objects.  The bard rolls Wyrd + Stealth to become forgettable.  Supernaturally potent senses (such as glamour-infused blessings) have a chance to make a resisted Wits + Wyrd check to penetrate the magic.    The bard can't steal anything larger than his Size, make a loud noise like shattering glass, or attacking a person, or he will be noticed for turns equal to Wyrd.  For every ten minutes under this power, the character suffers a -1 penalty to turn it off (maximum -5).  The bard must make a Presence + Wyrd roll return to memory.  After one day the world begins to forget details of the character, beginning with the good details.  After one week the bard begins to forget details of himself as well.  After a week of this, they become a full amnesiac.  These lost memories stay lost until re-discovered (often through dream journeys).  Tell: The object is often kept on the user's person though they generally forget about its presence until they have a strong urge to disappear or leave a situation.  Then they remember that it's there.

(***) Musical Instrument of Bravery: This might be a medallion for a singer, ocarina, flute or even tap shoes but so long as the instrument is activated and being used to perform those within a number of yards equal to thrice her Wyrd are protected against fear.  Tell: A rousing and resonant instrument that seems to make the heart beat stronger.

(*****) Musical Instrument of the Sleeping Trap: This instrument or medallion (for singers) can be played to prevent a trap from springing and will delay a magical trap's reaction for rounds equal to the activator's Wyrd or until the performance ends, whichever is sooner.  The performance must be begun before the trap is set off.  The trap, if triggered, will occur once these rounds are passed  Tell: A long and drawn out dirge that seems to make the person feel slowed down.

(* to ***) Fireflash: This mirror can be used to blind the target if they fail a Dexterity + Composure roll.  If she fails the roll, she is blind for a number of turns equal to the rating in this relic.  It is charged by reflecting the light of a large fire, such as a bonfire.  Tell: The mirror subtly flashs twice when activated.


(*) Comb of Unobtrusiveness: The witch is treated as an unobtrusive and ordinary member of the general public no matter what they are wearing so long as they aren't brandishing a sword or carrying something obviously illegal (like a corpse) though a bloodstained rug rolled up around a corpse is fine.  This comb doesn't work against individuals who are already looking for the witch or the perpetrator of a crime.  In other words, it will work while the witch strolls through a market full of the unwary with the rug rolled up around a corpse but will not help her leave a castle while everyone searches for their missing lady.  Tell: None.

(**) Lucky Rabbit's Foot: The witch can activate the foot to upgrade the level of success following the results of her roll.  A dramatic failure becomes a mere failure.  A failure becomes a success.  A success becomes an exceptional success.  This doesn't work on extended actions as it only works for a single roll during a single round.  The rabbit's foot can be used only once per day unless the character wants to risk dread misfortune (where after the first successful roll the next significant roll suffers the inverse where an exceptional success becomes a success, etc.)  The rabbit's foot intervenes in the roll by having some lucky turn of events - perhaps a nearby object - assist with the action.  Tell: The rabbit's foot is green.

(***) Brooch of the Innocent: Despite the powers that a witch may possess, many try to avoid combat where they can and sometimes all that is needed is to simply make it difficult for another to harm them.  Each time the brooch is activated, during that round, each attacker must spend a point of willpower to attack the witch.  Tell: The brooch has an image that is culturally accepted as an icon of gentleness - such as a unicorn or a dove in modern times.x

(****) Thought Sower: This multi-faceted jewelled necklace flashes with sparks of light can implant a thought so long as the target is paying attention to it.  The thought must be spoken aloud by the usher.  It could be either simple or complex or even be a triggered event.  These must be a single set and can't involve two unrelated tasks and must be doable within the hour.  The target won't do anything that will hurt himself or seem impossible.  When activated, the character rolls Wyrd + Expression versus the target's Wyrd + Resolve.  If the task becomes threatening to the target they can make another roll to break free of the suggestion.   TellFlashes with sparks of light.

(*****) Gateway Creator: This stick of chalk can mark a doorway or gateway and define a condition upon which the Verge will appear and open freely between the Hisil and the World.  This might be vague such as "midnight" or convoluted enough to be highly specific.  The Verge remains open for hours equal to the character's Wyrd and then closes for a month.  The creation of a Verge consumes the object in its creation unless the character burns a single Mental Attribute point.  A Verge can be created in any world (even the Dreamscape - to unpleasant results) though it always connects with the Hisil.  It is said that there are other objects that might do the same to the Underworld.  The creation of a verge requires 15 successes on a Wyrd + Occult roll.  Tell: None.

(* to ***) Intoxicating Aura: Those in the presence of the object feel pleasantly intoxicated as though slightly tipsy.  Those within the object's radius (equal to witch's Wyrd + successes in yards) suffer a -1 penalty to Dexterity, Intelligence and Wits-related dice pools but gain a +1 bonus to Presence and Manipulation for every dot worth of relic.  These modifiers affect the user as well so long as they are in the area of effect and the aura lasts for hours equal to Wyrd after activation. Tell: The faint smell of perfume, cigars, and expensive alcohol.

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