Friday, July 25, 2014


I've re-read some of the old demon lore write ups and realised they need a bit of an edit to make them read more nicely.  Unfortunately I'm still knee deep in LARP preparations and Home Front sourcebook revision so that's diverting time, attention and resources away from this blog.  I figured the rules are the thing so I'll keep putting them up for now as I do them. 

They haven't been playtested (sorry) but I have extensively played through the original rules so I have a pretty decent idea of what I don't like about them.  I've also sourced advice from my husband who's pretty solid on rules, mechanics and all things crunch.

At some point in the future I'll run / play some more demon with the new rules and I will use these and see what works and what doesn't but in the meantime I'm eager to hear about your thoughts, reflections or experiences with these rules.

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  1. Speaking of the Home Front, you might want to glance at this epsiode of IRTD if you haven't yet. I've not had a chance to listen to this one yet, but it looks right up your alley.