Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Demon: Lore of Ghosts

The dead can talk when you learn how to listen.  (Skyrim picture)
Speak With The Dead
You may speak and see any wraiths currently in twilight within the local area for the next hour so long as you could see them with your naked eye if they had materialised.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Ghosts (- Resolve for high torment).
High Torment: You can force the wraith to truthfully answer questions equal to successes.

Summon the Dead
You can call either a single named wraith (must be their real name) who are haunting a space within a mile of you OR you can summon all local wraiths within 100 feet x Faith of you.  The wraith can remain in your presence for hours equal to Faith or until dismissed (at which point they can venture only as far as they normally can).
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Ghosts (- Resolve for high torment).
High Torment: You can force the wraith to remain by your side for days equal to Faith though this is a Morality 5 breaking point to them due to the unnatural nature of their situation.

Command the Dead
You can control a wraith's actions (other than their speech) for hours equal to Faith.  You can give as many commands during this time as you gain successes.  Alternatively you may spend one Faith at this time to instead give the wraith plasma equal to successes and sanity for the next hour.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Ghosts - Resolve.
High Torment: Assisting you becomes akin to a vice for the wraith who regains a point of willpower every time they fulfil a command ... making them more prone to fulfilling your commands in general.  The wraith must make a Resolve + Composure roll at the end of this time or become hostile to life for days equal to your faith.

Wraithful Embodiment
You can provide the wraith with physicality for minutes equal to Faith + successes although the ghost still lacks any sense of touch or taste and a reduced sense of smell.  They appear effectively alive and wear the clothes they either died in or were buried in (depending on the cultural significance of such clothing).  They have no working artifacts from life (i.e. a soldier will not have a boot knife at hand).  Each source of damage they suffer reduces their manifestation's length by a full minute.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Ghosts (versus Resolve + Power Stat for high torment).
High Torment: You can force a wraith into an object, binding it within a prison to create a ghostly relic (see new World of Darkness Reliquaries) which can be used by any who hold it and know what to do with it.  This can also be used on a demon if you can catch it first though demonic souls cannot realise their full potential without the use of Forge as well.  The ghost / demonic mind is dormant while within the object though releasing the mind inflicts an immediate Morality / Torment roll due to the constant tension inflicted by the reaper's own tormented contamination.

Restore the Dead
You can provide the wraith with permanent sanity that lasts for months equal to your permanent Faith and provide it with a connection to the ambient faith in the area which grants it plasm equal to the initial roll's successes every night.  The wraith may also treat you and several other nominated places, objects or people (equal to your permanent Faith) as anchorage points which it may freely travel between.  The wraith may also spend experience points on regaining Morality (and on an exceptional success on this roll immediately regains one Morality).  Ghosts maintained in this way have 9 dots worth of Attributes and three Numina - they are either reduced or empowered until they reach this point of power.  The ghost may add the connected demon's Faith rating to resist control (presuming they are connected to another demon and not a human).  This lore use may be renewed upon its expiration point.  Due to the nature of the sympathetic connection, only one ghost may be tied to one person at any one time though the Reaper may feel free to assign more such connections to other living sentient creatures - though again each person may only maintain one such connection.  The connected individual may see and speak with their ghost (and vice versa) automatically and without a roll.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Ghosts (versus Resolve + Power Stat for an unwilling ghost / living creature connection).
High Torment: You can provide the benefits as outlined above but instead of providing the chance for the wraith to regain Morality, they instead regain twice as many plasma as successes per night and have an additional vice relating to obeying your character's orders regardless of their current connection.

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