Thursday, July 31, 2014

Demon: Lore of the Realms

The Realms is a dangerous and impressive place.  (Skyrim Picture)
Sense the Barrier
Your experiences crafting the pocket realities that formed the Realms (or alternatively exploring the ones made by others) means that you can automatically tell the strength of any barriers between this world and any other.  You can sense such dimensional rifts so long as they are within Faith x yards of your current position for the next hour.  You can automatically identify any Avernian Gates to the underworld, unwarded Realms bastion entrances or haunted locations for what they are.  While you can sense other dimensional doors / rifts (i.e. closed hedge gates, realms-based bastion doors, verges and Abyssal rifts) you will not automatically know precisely what they are.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Realms (clash of wills if gate is warded against detection).
High Torment: You can force open or close an existing Avernian Gate to allow both yourself and others to pass through for minutes equal to Faith.

Reach Across The Barrier
You can see and reach into Twilight to lift objects out of the ephemera (can be a handy way to pick up various human-oriented relics) which can then be used as though they were real for hours equal to Faith.  You can also place objects into Twilight which you may then later retrieve.  You cannot see or touch other ghosts with this power. 
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny + Realms.
High Torment: You can temporarily forge a Size 1 or 2 object out of ephemera which you can then use for ten minutes per Faith dot.  This cannot be used to forge working items relying on electronics or chemistry (i.e. guns) though it may forge their simulacrum.  It could be used to forge a knife, hacksaw, handcuffs, or money.  These items are real for all intents and purposes before finally dissipating.

You can move in and out of Twilight at will for hours equal to Faith.  While in twilight you are insubstantial and can therefore move in any direction.  You can move at thrice your regular speed.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Larceny + Realms.
High Torment: You can move in and out of Twilight as a single reflexive action which allows you to step out of Twilight and strike someone, then hit them again before moving back into Twilight.  While this does give them a chance to hit you, if there is a single person you can roll opposed Wits + Stealth to time your appearance behind them right in order to ignore their defence for your first strike.  This power lasts for turns equal to successes + Faith.

Twilit Gate
You may phase as many individuals as are touching you into twilight where they will remain for hours equal to your Faith or until you help them leave.  While in twilight they are insubstantial and can therefore move in any direction at thrice their regular speed.  You can injure someone in twilight when you are also in twilight.  This lasts for hours equal to Faith.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Occult + Realms - Resolve.
High Torment: You can bind your targets to you which prevents them from escaping or attacking you which allows you to move them to a location of your choosing before you all step out again (you must exit with them) at which point the binding ends.  This version of the lore lasts for minutes equal to Faith + successes.

Realms Mastery
You can either reach through or into twilight as a reflexive action without crossing fully (allowing you to strike with a weapon or touch attack while incorporeal *and* deprive the enemy's defence if you make a successful opposed Wits + Stealth roll though you still must make the roll to strike) OR you can immediately open an Avernian Gate in any portal (i.e. doorway or narrower cavern section) which remains open for rounds equal to faith allowing anyone to enter or leave during that time.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Realms - Resolve.
High Torment: You can cause an Avernian Gate to have its own suction and gravitational force which requires all those (other than yourself so long as you don't move your feet from the spot where you cast the spell) who stand within Faith x 10 feet to need to make successive Strength + Athletics rolls each round or be drawn five feet toward (or through) the gate.  Suitable handholds give them a +1 to +3 bonus.  The victims may choose to forego their strength roll to make another action (i.e. attack you) but they will be pulled 10 feet toward the gate instead.

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