Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Demon: Lore of Awakening

Find the Faithful
You gain a sense of the direction between you and an individual whose name you declare.  This is automatically successful if you know their real name (celestial name for a fallen; birth name for anyone else).  While you gain a sense of their direction you do not know precisely where they are and must follow in that direction until you reach them.  If you are seeking out a fallen and know their true name you get a precise location for them relative to yourself that lasts for the normal amount of time.  You may only attempt to find a particular person once per day and your sense of their direction lasts for hours equal to Faith.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Awakening (versus Composure + Power Stat if you don't know the target's real name or for the target to ignore the high torment influence).
High Torment: The person you are targeting feels suspicious and paranoid as though someone who means to do them harm is in the room with them (if there is anyone else there) or will reach them soon.  The target doesn't know that the cause is supernatural in origin and simply feels it on an instinctual level and will react accordingly to the various people they meet.

You can purify a single target of all their toxins and infections by simply touching them.  This won't work on genetic afflictions unless the affliction causes or is caused by a toxin or infection (i.e. can remove the ramifications of a celiac eating a lot of gluten).
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Science + Awakening (versus Stamina + Power Stat if the target is unwilling).
High Torment: The Scourge will cleanse the victim of any beneficial drug or pharmaceutical as well which can immediately undo the effects of that medication (i.e. remove the effects of Ritalin, anti-depressants or anti-schizophrenic medicines) effective immediately.

You can wield the healing breath to restore a single person to full health or aggravated damage with a touch, though you cannot cause a person to regenerate a missing limb.  Add your Faith to your successes and then distribute them accordingly: 1 for every 3 bashing, 1 for every lethal, and 3 for every point of aggravated damage.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Awakening (versus Stamina + Power Stat).
High Torment: You can afflict a single target with a poison (Toxicity equal to Faith + half of your successes) or a disease of your choice whose value is equal to or less than the required successes which acts normally (examples include 1 success = common cold, 2 successes = influenza, 3 successes = malaria, 4 successes = tetanus, 5 successes = ebola).  Subsequent strikes speeds the symptoms worsening progression by days equal to successes.  You may heal someone and apply a poison or a disease at the same time.

Healing Aura
You can choose to apply the effects of the Heal ability selectively to a number of individuals equal to Faith in a radius equal to Faith.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Awakening (versus Stamina + Power Stat).
High Torment: Your viciousness contaminates your aura and causes all of those present within Faith in yards to take bashing damage equal to successes for rounds equal to Faith that this power lasts unless they move out of range of the power.

Restore Life
Death is not an immediate process.  It takes time after the heart ceases to beat for the brain to die sufficiently that the soul and azoth is untethered and freed.  You may restore life to a recently deceased body, providing the essential spark of azoth to bring them back, and allowing the ghost to return to their form.  If the individual has been dead for less than 5 minutes, they are unaffected by the change.  If their brain was destroyed or they were dead for longer than that, then they will be called back to their body from the underworld.  The initial ghost may freely reject their second chance which leaves the body alive but inert and available for either a ghost or a demon to possess.
Action: Instant.
Cost: 1 Faith.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Awakening (versus Resolve + Power Stat).
High Torment: Instead of giving the original owner the choice, you can attempt to tear them back into their body (requiring a contested roll), OR you can refuse to give them the chance and instead open them either to the nearest ghost or a disembodied fallen angel (either of which may struggle with you or each other to claim the body in a clash of wills).

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