Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Plot Seeds For The Fallen

Found some of my old adventure ideas for my Demon: the Fallen campaign lying in a drawer.  Figured I should write them up and post them, thus relieving my drawer of its duty to hold onto them.  It also reminded me that I never finished updating the lore descriptions.  Silly me.

The fallen have finally gotten into a position of power and prestige when their old boss starts knocking.  He was low enough in the good old days that he's able to possess a host but the Fallen will need to select a suitable one and perform and determine the ritual's exacting requirements.  Accomplishing this feat will net them further prestige, but are they willing to cause a person's death to do it?  And more importantly, will their old boss feel conflicted feelings over his own host's death?

Those who are aware of the fallen are starting to become suicidal.  At first it's only hunters or other annoying figures, but after awhile it's loved ones as well, even thralls.  The PCs first become aware of it when one person approaches them and says: "You have the power to help us but you won't do it, will you?" before stepping into traffic.  Each has a loss or issue they have fixated on which they can see the Fallen powers as being a real solution - Wilds for famine, Realms for lost loved ones, Awakening or Flesh for cancer.

A superior in their faction or ministry wishes to study other supernatural creatures and demands that the PCs first obtain such a specimen, by violence or by guile, and then assist her in her experimentation.  The experiments aren't necessarily cruel, but they are callous, and the PCs are as likely to find a kind (or at least reasonable) specimen as a cruel one since supernaturals tend to lose morality and gain power over time and the weaker ones are more easily found and captured.  Can they do it?  Can they find another way?

A magical society seeks to exploit the demons they summon to drain them of their essence to fuel their rituals.  The First Preceptor of the Star Catchers has put out this tome as bait for Fallen - listing details from pre-history that will cause the Fallen to investigate one at a time.  The magic on the tome, however, also pulls true name syllables from readers and sends the information to the seven high priests.  Eventually the reader will succumb and be summoned to a hidden cell where they will be bound in a circle and drained of their essence until they are dissipated into nothingness.

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