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WoTR: Convincing the Churches, part 5

"I'm sorry.  We already donated at the office."
(Dragon Age Inquisition - quote mine)
Rellius, Archpriest of Asmodeus, is actually quite willing to assist against demonic incursions and will even happily set up, at the church's own expense, a cathedral within Drezen so long as he is convinced that they have a method to hold the city and so long as they can maintain that cathedral for 100 years (non-consecutive if the city falls again) and allow the Chelish to take command of any 10% treasure located by any army containing Chelish troops.  If they accept, they will gain two squads of Hellknights, twenty clerics and three armies of 100 Chelish soldiers.

ITEM OF INTEREST: He wears an elaborate wig (Judge's Wig) that grants a +4 bonus to Intimidate and Diplomacy checks as well as being able to scrutinise individuals with Discern Lies so long as they are within 30ft.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: None.  They just have to accept his terms.  If they negotiate firmly enough, he will drop the 10% rule to only those armies that have 50% Chelish troops.

The Seventh Church is the site where Iomedae called forth the Undenying Light, causing stars to shine through a terrible storm that was wracking Absalom. With torches and lanterns blown out, rain sleeting down in sheets, and waves cresting into the streets, on the night of that miracle a pack of sea-ghouls swarmed into the city. With the guard blinded in the darkness and communication by horn impossible, the ghouls ran roughshod through the city. Iomedae, still mortal, called for the Starstone to ask its brethren in the sky to light the city. The Cathedral of the Starstone glowed with blue fire, and the night stars shone rays of blue light through the clouds. The light pinpointed every ghoul in the city, and allowed Iomedae and other defenders to find and destroy them. This is the seventh of her 11 miraculous Acts, and the event is commemorated not only with the Temple, but with the Iomedaenne, a 10-foot statue of the goddess carved from red limestone thinly banded with sapphire.  Staffed with younger priests who are still in training, or very old priests who operate it as a form of retirement.  It is also a common destination for those so maimed, cursed, or aged as to be no longer sharp blades in Iomedae’s service, and who are fit mostly to train younger faithful.  The current head priest, Genedair the Faithful, is a human man in his early 90s. A hero of the Mendev Crusades, he now requires a staff and two young acolytes at his side to walk, though his mind remains as sharp as ever.

ITEM OF INTEREST: He wears a simple brass headband with a symbol of Iomedae that is a Headband of Ponderous Recollection (+2 Intelligence, skill bonuses can only be placed on Knowledge skills, swift action thrice per day to identify abilities and weaknesses as with a Knowledge check).

QUEST TO IMPRESS: Genedair is already impressed and eager to assist but he has provided all that he can.  If the PCs can arrange for access to a Teleportation Circle, they can speed up their assistance.
The Tempering Hall sits across the main street from the Seventh Church and is a training ground for Paladins of Iomedae and, by long-standing tradition, also those called by Abadar, Irori and Shelyn.  The Knight Lord of the Tempering House is Rochae Swiftblade, an experienced warrior who turned to Iomedae first as a cleric and only in the later years of his life as a paladin.  He can mention that there have been more paladins of Shelyn now than in previous years with three ready for creation.  There are 2d12 level 1 paladins ready for assignment.

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