Monday, January 26, 2015

WoTR: Convincing the Churches, part 4

Pharasmins embrace old age as a vital stage of life.

The church of Pharasma sits at the entrance to one of the great graveyards of Absalom. An elderly half-elven woman known as High Priestess Khallease wears a hooded, robe-like dress, and has a surpassingly youthful voice. She is rumoured to be a beautiful and young woman, perhaps an everlasting beauty, but who covers up her appearance so that she would not be distracted by seducers. She is concerned about the Worldwound as it is renowned for waylaying souls -- as are the succubi -- and wishes to see the Fallen and other undead released to return to their place of origin. She is particularly interested in seeking information on the druids who gave themselves to undeath in place of allowing demonic control.
ITEM OF INTEREST: The Pharasmin wears a Spectral Shroud - a thin bleached cloth over her chest and torso, that allows her to see invisible or ethereal creatures and once per day become invisible for 10 rounds with a fly speed equal to half speed.
QUEST TO IMPRESS: The church has no ban on resurrecting the dead so long as they are brought back via appropriate channels - i.e. resurrection or raise dead. If the PCs promise to investigate the rumour of the undead druids and their ritual sacrifice, slaying one and bringing it back for conversation, she will give them 1d6 level 5 Pharasmin clerics to assist in the creation of respectful funeral rites that will prevent return from the dead in Drezen. She will provide one Oil of Life from her collection to resurrect the druid. If the PCs think of it themselves and make a Diplomacy DC 30 check, she will come with them as part of her sacred duty to lay them to rest.

The Desnan High Priestess Elifteneal, a gnome, has Greater Teleport once per day and can send people to the Worldwound for a week or two if it is so arranged.  Desna, herself, seems to have taken an interest in the Worldwound and many dreams are always touched by it.  When the PCs arrive at the Desnan Temple of Dreams in a Petal District Park, which is actually managed by a variety of locals and wanderers, rather than any established clergy, they will learn of her interest in assisting them but she isn't there at the moment.  They need to track her down if they want her free teleports.

ITEM OF INTEREST: She wears a brightly coloured Mitre of the Hierophant which she uses to commune with Desna to learn further information and gain greater guidance.  She also wears a colourful Prophet's Pectoral with graven star-patterns and sacred stones that increases her chance of success with augury, divination and contact other plane by 1d6 and allows her to ask on additional question with commune each time.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: Elifteneal is an easy sell on assisting the Worldwound as her deity has told her how dangerous it is for Golarion so all the PCs need do is ask and if she can assist them she will.  All you need do is make several consecutive Gather Information and Perception checks to locate her.  She is happy to teleport 14 people into Mendev or Drezen per day but will only be here for another ten days (equal to 140 free teleports).

Scion Lady Seria Holden, Divinity Mage of Nethys, runs both hot and cold and is to a certain extent manic and driven by her investigations into a variety of partially taboo spells.  She is said to know every first, second and third level spell known to Golarion, but this is likely a lie.

ITEM OF INTEREST: She wears a Magician's Hat that allows her to shift her Metamagic feat from one prepared spell to another.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: The church of Nethys would be intrigued only by the potential for powerful forces of magic, such as the Weapon in the Rift and the Purity Forge.  So long as they may examine the various relics involved (such as the Weapon in the Rift if you have played through that).  The PCs can gain 1d6 level 5 mages eager to investigate the two artefacts.

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