Friday, January 2, 2015

Village Backgrounds Resources

Raging Swans has produced a pair of beautiful .pdfs with some quality two-page spreads on a dozen different villages including lovingly hand drawn village maps.  I don't often do reviews but these are beautifully done and at the moment a chunk of them (32 pages) are absolutely free!  Many of the villages have enough cute touches that you could use them as a launching pad (or a breather) for your campaign without being so overwhelmed with plots that you feel compelled to have the PCs remain there for the long haul.

You could drop these villages into any Pathfinder campaign and though it seems they focus on Pathfinder products, I don't see anything that would prevent them from being used in other settings and systems since they're pretty low on stats and high on ideas.  They have Village Backdrops I and Village Backdrops II currently available on

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