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WoTR: Convincing the Churches, part 2

A typical Gorumite ... veteran soldier.
(Dragon Age Inquisition)
The Chief Priest of Gorum is a half-orc woman called Victa who had her position largely inflicted upon her by a rakish tiefling who finds her easy to manipulate into being somewhat of a symbol.  In fairness, the half-orc certainly has her god's favour.  The temple looks like a citadel in miniature with a simple shrine inside that is a pile of rocks with a helmet and blade set atop.  The Gorumites would be willing to go to the Worldwound but they can't be bothered taking such a long journey and there aren't many of them in the peaceful city -- most belong to mercenaries hoping to be hired.

ITEM OF INTEREST: The bare-chested half-orc wears bracers of armour so that she can show off her chest while still protecting himself.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: Win three fights with an epic sense of poise against folks such as three different CR 8 individuals (Axe Dancer Monk, Glaive Ranger Barbarian, and Street Artist Bard from NPC Codex) and do an epic speech or other inspiring performance to finish it off.  They can net the trio for Drezen if they win with style, panache and honour - especially if it's one against all three.  Then put up a Notice of Hire on the Gorumite's Church Board.  They will then be approached  by mercenary companies happy to travel to the Worldwound for 10,000gp per month per level 3 25 person human fighter army or 25,000gp per month per level 3 50 person cavalier army.

The salon is a bright, well-kept building constructed in the columned style of classic Azlanti temples with extensive reliefs that wrap the upper levels of the salon’s exteriors, depicting dozens of comely humanoids engaged in enthusiastic, acrobatic, and creative forms of promiscuity while wasps buzz around the rooftop gardens that produce a type of honey that can be turned into mead that is highly prized.  The property itself is primarily staffed by elves and half-elves with a smattering of other races included - such as tieflings.  There's also a set of public baths within it.  Dyrianna of House Avenstar is Head Hetaera of Calistria and Consul of the Courtsean's Guild, who is a stunningly beautiful half-elf who found her way out of slavery at a sin pit in the Coins 20 years ago, Dyrianna has come from literally having nothing to being one of the great powers in the Ascendant Court. She has been adopted into the powerful Avenstar House of elves, taken control of the prostitutes and through them the whole salon, and recently bought controlling interest in the city’s Courtesan’s Guild (regulating paid companions who neither work on a stage nor walk the streets). 

ITEM OF INTEREST: She wears a circlet of persuasion upon her head made of gold and onyx wasps chained together.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: Dryianna has little interest in the Worldwound but she has lived a rather boring and jaded life over the past few years and is willing to get swept up in the excitement of the situation if someone makes a Diplomacy 25 check.  Naturally she will then want to discuss it over dinner and should they manage to remain interesting - with Diplomacy 25 or appropriate Perform checks - she will provide some useful political "rumours" and even mention the Halo of Inner Calms currently being developed by a pauper tiefling, Malifa Sevan, which might be helpful.

POTENTIAL QUEST: Depending on your players comfort levels and your own personal interest, you could rule that the Silken Veil brothel in the Petal District mission draws her attention and agreement.  They can ensure that any goods sold in Absalom become so popular and hyped up that the PCs get full market value from them.

The church of Irori sits beneath the Gladiatorial Arena and is where the true Irorians practice and spar against each other.  It is a sprawling complex that features rooms for prayer, sleep and exercise.  Sathu Yzia Iron-Palm is the high priestess of Irorium in the Foreign Quarter of Absalom. Ganfen of House Kethlin, shrewd businessman, runs the gladitorial arena above ground and coaches important figures to fame and fortune.  The Arena is a 200-ft high structure built on the top of a hill with a 10-acre central stage and along the outer wall stand 33 stone statues of famous warriors that stand 150ft tall.  There is a main gate and four side gates with a sixth reserved for performers and workers.  The seats are divided into lowest (field seats) for VIPs, lower middle tier (Mezzanine seats) for the rich, upper middle tier (terrace seats) for those willing to pay a few silver coins, and the highest seating of wood seats in the grandstand is either cheap or free.  The actual followers of Irori lay within the vaulted chambers beneath the monastery.

ITEM OF INTEREST: Many of their worshippers wear Monk's Robes of various designs.

QUEST TO IMPRESS: Beating the champion in the arena (Swift Brawler, NPC Codex or other level 12 Monk) will single-handedly will win a pool of 36,000gp which has been steadily added to over the years as it costs 1000gp simply to compete.  One can also put in a gamble on the fight itself - 1 in 16 odds (add 10 per level's difference).  The maximum winnings via the gambling method is 108,000gp (so a 3000gp potential loss if they are level 10).  The Irori arena specialists can get a vague idea of HD by using an arteact to detect whether you would be affected by a Sleep or a Deep Slumber spell. Actually connecting with the Irori church requires one to not only win one of these bouts but to behave in such a way fitting of a worshipper to draw notice (or simply already knowing who to approach).  The church can offer training to monks but little else other than burgeoning respect in the community.

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