Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Iron Gods: Another delve in the dungeon

So the group returned to the caves and found a group of Jinkin Gremlins dancing around a pile of torn up huts covered in the bodies of the half-orc and dead skulks.  Our resident alchemist went to throw a bomb at them, planning on excluding the central square full of bodies, to instantly cremate the gremlins. 

This made me realise that they didn't actually have any evidence the Jinkin Gremlins were evil so killing them all could be considered an evil act.  Now since Pathfinder is a game of killing people based on small evidence and people dancing around bodies would pretty much always mean evil on Golarion rather than a diverse funerary rite it would be unfair to suddenly unleash that onto the players after the fact.  So I let them all roll Sense Motive checks and have the chance to react afterward.  I had them all roll Sense Motive checks to see if they worked it out.

The alchemist rolled a Natural 20 on her Sense Motive check and so could tell they were decidedly evil.  Most of the others were pretty sure, except for Nathaniel who thought otherwise.  So when the Alchemist threw her fiery bomb as before and wiped out all the gremlins with splash damage, Nathaniel did make a token, "No wait," but then let it go because the deed had been done.

While Maxx took the body of the half-orc back to the village and was greeted by a disappointing lack of public crying, just quiet and solemn acceptance, the others heard a soft voice crying for help.  They headed into the one section of the cave they had yet to explore and found the place covered with a brown mold that sapped the air of heat.  There were two bodies up against the far wall … a female skulk who was still alive and the dead fiancé mentioned by the weaponsmith.

At first I thought the players were trying to hook out the dead fiancé, which seemed a bit callous but not too much since they'd killed all the other skulks for being clearly of the murderous variety.  It turned out they had meant to pull free the still living one by having the alchemist throw forth her rope and the telekinetic to tie it around her ankle.  When they dragged her out, Maxx sprayed her clean of the mould using Create Water and Luna went over her gear since her cold resistance made her immune to the 1d6 dealt by the remaining spores.

Once she was cleaned up, they woke her up with a Cure Light Wounds potion and I got to lay down on the couch and play a particularly snarky skulk speaking only in Undercommon -- which by some strange twist of fate our alchemist could speak.  They also discovered that the other purple-haired woman (pictured on the cover of the book) who looks identical to Maxx is actually called Meyanda and that she had a deal with the skulks to keep all interlopers out.

There was a lot of laughter from the players at the snark coming from the skulk, where they threatened to kill her (and she cheerfully requested being flung down the hole rather than killed by pins and needles, since Maxx had lifted her by her arms and had cut off partial circulation to her arms) before they all decided to send her to the judge instead.

The alchemist took her out, since she had a spell to boost her own swim speed, and the skulk made comments about their future marriage.  She was finally passed into Joram Kyte's hands, where the skulk made a few choice comments that could be understood even with the language difference, and then Luna came forth with the body of the weaponsmith's  fiancé.  A fellow who had the strangest growths on his neck and torso.

They went back into the great big habitat chamber, destroyed the skeletons and the strange alien aberration they encountered, and went into the room where they could change the weather and turn on the sky.  There they then fought the main kasatha before he eventually died -- after many missed swings all over the place and Maxx being dropped to negative hit points no fewer than three times before being roused by telekinetically manoeuvred potions (thank you Nathaniel!).  Luna's dragon, proudly wearing mage armour, also soaked a lot of blows as the kasatha tried to hit it in vain.

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