Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Iron Gods: Gambling with the fake father

So their first session out of the caves for a nice moment of rest and relaxation saw them headed down to the casino run by Nathaniel's alleged "father", Garmen Ulreth.  Garmen is a dodgy fellow and head of the Ropefists who is utterly mistaken in his belief that Nathaniel is his son so in this campaign the motivation for his invitation to his casino comes in a way of celebrating his son's skill and bravery.
Luna, our darling tiefling summoner, ahem God Caller, chose to seduce Garmen Ulreth in a game of strip poker and the two are now officially an item with Garmen claiming Luna as his woman -- temporarily, of course, but what else would anyone expect from an elven tiefling and the commander of the thugs?

Watching Maxx, an android, deal with gambling in a very pragmatic manner was pretty fun but no more fun than seeing our dear alchemist put forth a low bid on her first gamble and then win so overwhelmingly she was inspired to bid more in later attempts.  We played the game from the Witcher using 5 six-sided dice where you aim to get patterns much like in Poker.

Inevitably Nathaniel was confronted by his mother, who in her haste to tear apart his adventuring party (verbally, I mean) showed more than a few of her insecurities and views on people.  You see Nathaniel had never told her that he was going to explore the ruins beneath the hill and she was quite upset at the fact he was risking life and limb on such a venture.  Many of her statements were incredibly inconsistent, but that's simply because what she wants most of all is her son to be safe so she will make up whatever convoluted argument she can to attempt it.  Equally naturally, it only further drove a wedge between them.

They also came across the local identifier of technological whatz-its, who also offered to move his stall to the lakefront so that he could more readily identify their gear.  As I didn't realise the book had named the price I estimated the value of his service to two silver per item, well below the 10 gold per item suggested in the book.  When I told the players what the true price was meant to be for that knowledge they looked less than impressed.
Finally they went to sell some of their gear and went to the weaponsmith who's fiancĂ© had gone off on an expedition and never returned.  She pleaded for them to return the body and they were all quite bad at dealing with a grieving woman, either due to lack of knowledge or disinclination to be sympathetic.  However they did decide to start retrieving the adventurer's bodies.

All in all, a solid roleplaying session was had by all!

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