Monday, March 7, 2016

Iron Gods: Fires of Creation Caverns

This was a relatively simple stretch consisting of some caves, a few corridors and their first foray into the enclosed habitat.  Firstly they entered the Skulks living quarters where a Jinkin Gremlin danced in front of them for a moment with a pouch before disappearing.  They approached the circular door in the wall which slid open at their approach and shut when they stepped away.  Presuming it was some sort of timed mechanism, the Alchemist leapt through acrobatically only to find the door kept open behind them.

Continuing on they found some gear in the rubble -- which they only searched after I described it as including a desk and some girders, likely because searching rubble for gear isn't a prospect that's come up in any of my previous campaigns.  They only managed to recognise the two batteries, thought the other two items were medical equipment or something similar, and decided to take them to Torch's resident technology expert afterwards.

The next room was a fun one with a set of nozzles set in the walls and our main technology expert -- Maxx -- rolling a 1.  So naturally he thought it was some kind of acid trap or the like.  One of the others simply knew it was deactivated.  Nathaniel went to march on through so Maxx went to stop them.  After all, Maxx had heard about grief and wasn't too sure whether she was prepared to experience it.

In the end they passed it without trouble and ended up in the large habitat.  Since the back story to this place was too good to waste, and considering the undead, I thought to include a haunt which gave them a flash back to the lives of those who had first arrived in the habitat.  I replaced the actual planet's details, though, with Golarion ones to help them get the point of what had happened here.

They faced the kasatha skeleton at first in a single, then a pair, then a group of four.  After they had defeated the pair, they had a flash of the rituals involved in taking one of the habitat creatures to the Forbidden Cave when it was injured.  This isn't included in the books but it worked a treat.  Of course, after all of these skeletons they were quite low on spells and the like and so decided to retreat and check out some more caves.

The Alchemist threw her last remaining alchemist's bombs around the corners of some of the caverns containing Jinkin Gremlins and killed them in sets of three because her base damage exceeded their hit points.  Once she was out of bombs, they looted the Gremlins (who had the gear normally kept in Sef's hut) and headed back to town.  That's where we stopped it.

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