Friday, March 11, 2016

Iron Gods: Medical Care

This is the second half of the session (Your brain on drugs) where Bort is still affected by the "good drugs" and is Chaotic Good.  They have Mikhel as a henchman, but since the alchemist player is away we decided that we'd come back with a little "retro" scene in the next session which will go over her reaction to the news of their new assistant.
They headed back through the caverns (hearing gremlins but seeing none) and through the corridors toward the big habitat dome.  Bort pointed out that he didn't need to worry about the trap with all the nozzles and Mikhel shrugged and said, "I'm not.  It's not a trap."  And he kept walking.
They headed through the sandy habitat cautiously and all was fine until someone mentioned that he should watch out for skeletons bursting out through the sands.  That made him a little worried so Luna took pity on him and let him ride her "medium" dragon.  The bonus of riding a medium creature is that you can stand up by just lowering your legs so it meant he could dismount easily in a fight.
They finally used their black card to get into the next session and were stunned by the sight of the foyer.  They'd never seen anything like it, especially in a fortress under a hill!  Sleek furniture, strange design!  They found another screen on a desk in the entrance but it just showed flashes of imagery. 
They took the bloodstained door and corridor and arched around to where the cerebric fungus spoke to them.  Nathaniel freaked out and telekinetically threw a rock at it (geology lab) but missed of wildly that the fungus didn't see it as anything but random chance of a falling stone.  The others spoke to it calmly and suddenly creeped out by its talks of red food send it down the blood smeared corridor to eat.
They entered a set of labs where a medical bot attacked them and tried to knock dear Maxx onto one of the medical terror chairs but she used her attack of opportunity (no Improved Reposition on the robot) to destroy it.  Mikhel stood back and watched them fight.
They kept wandering around that area and found a lab with a medical robot and a flying robot.  Luna just shut the door.  When no one followed them, they moved on.
I removed the boilborn oozes from one of the lab rooms as it wasn't as interesting as having the room be an empty wonder of broken bits and pieces, and I was rewarded when Maxx examined the history of the place and saw someone clinging to a desk for dear life as gravity jerked her toward a wall, broken glass raining down on her face.
I will remove creatures if they're not super interesting since my players aren't as super eager for fights as the typical party and would become bored if there were too many of them.
They then entered the elevator, determined which deck they were on and then in stunned disbelief discussed that decks must mean ships!  Of course, this being a fantasy land meant that the idea of sky ships wasn't too outlandish (unlikely, as they're super-rare in pathfinder, but not unheard of in myth and legend).
Finally they entered a room with a set of small stalls to one side with doors that didn't quite reach the top or the bottom….  Bort's player chortled at this, realising at once what it was.  The players marvelled the clean drinking fountains (made them all bidet toilets) and wondered at the easily shredded yet soft parchment that came out from beside them. 
During their wonder, they hear a flush in the toilet beside them as Mikhel comes out and uses the sink downward fountain (sink faucet) to wash his hands.  Being a pragmatic sort, he'd figured it was the best place to go to the toilet as it would remove it immediately.  Better than the skeleton-creation-sands that would normally be used!
After a few moments of telling him off, the party soon realised in dismay that his use just made too much damn sense and that it was likely an incredibly wonderful latrine.  Maxx and Bort then made use of it as well.
I tell you, there's nothing more surreal than playing characters wondering at something we take for granted on a daily basis!  And to be honest, their wonder only increased when they realised it was a sewerage system.  Toilets really are a marvel of engineering.  Next time you go and sit on the toilet seat you should think back to all the alternatives and thank your lucky stars that you get loo paper and a comfy spot.
And that's where we ended it.
Could there be a greater high point for a session conclusion?

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