Friday, June 10, 2016

Dark Before Dawn Stones of Accursed Blessedness

Stones of Accursed Blessedness are a prop item that are granted to players of characters who have attended a Nurse Cassandra session. If a character dies before using their stone, it will find some way to reach the hand's of the next character of that player -- though the marking will change to reflect the clan of the vampire involved.

In terms of the campaign LARP, from the start of the campaign these Stones of Accursed Blessedness can do one of three things before being utterly consumed and destroyed (though later on they could also be traded for 15xp when we started running low on game time left):

  • Immediately banish all incorporeal beings AND abjure a mall-sized area for an entire year.
  • Unlock a gateway to an alternative dimension to accomplish a certain plot (i.e. the Last Express) which provides something important to the player.
  • Provide an exceptional success on your next five successive dice rolls (may not be used on a roll that will result in the torpor, blood bonding or death of another player character - NPCs are not excluded).  NOTE: No one ever used this version.
These stones *can* be traded and have the in-game value of a major boon* or its equivalent in immediate trade.  Due to mystical contrivances, they can't be demanded by someone with a major boon on you, only offered by someone in exchange for a major boon.  Otherwise the stones will not recognise the new owner and will reappear in your pocket at a later time.  Attempts to mystically command you into using a stone when you don't want to will generally fail (unless you, as a player, are okay with it).  Mundane coercion is fine.  If you die before using it, the stone mystically discovered by another human or vampire (who also happens to be your new character).

*MAJOR BOONS: Boons are like blank cheques traded between vampires and those without boons owed / owing are considered to be incompetent and untrustworthy cheapskates.  A Major Boon represents a massive effort to achieve that can take up to a year to complete.  This could involve cultivating a massive allegiance with the local judicial authorities and then handing over the power to another vampire, clearing out a pack of werewolves who are interrupting another vampire's enterprises or developing a scale (vampiric power) that has little practical benefit to yourself, teaching another vampire that scale and then supporting that vampire's claim to have invented the scale themselves so that they can claim all the credit.

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