Friday, June 3, 2016

Demonic Cthulhu Character: Haruta

Fallen Name: Haruta
Titles: Demon of the Scouring Wind (Scourge).
Sub-House: Wind (Elil).
Legion: Ebon (War At Any Cost).
Faction: Ravener (Destruction).

Demonic Powers

Haruta History: Always eager for stimulation and adventure, when he was moved from his duties as an Elil to fill the role of a Dagan (guardian angel) for a tribe of unaware mortals he tended to not take his responsibilities so seriously and would provide little tests to entertain himself.  Nothing cruel but quite shocking to some of the Dagan.  When they were made mortal, he vowed to do nothing but war against Heaven until they could be re-gifted their immortality and passed his own tribe over to Nithriel's protection.  He ended up in Riyazagor's squad after the First Murder showed him so many other roads to excitement, and would scour the enemy while his boss, the Black Wind, inflicted the mortals with dread diseases.  Since Haruta became rather disruptive and insubordinate when bored, he was later sent to a squad of rejects under Shaitan within the Ebon Legion.

Host:  Lettice (Letty) Hennington is the daughter of a Lord who has been sent to the same boarding school as Gwen Ashburne, daughter of the Earl of Astley and twin to Theodore Ashburne.  When Theodore accidentally unleashed the demonic PCs from the silver skull, she simply fainted against her dancing partner and then recovered her stance as a demon at the tender age of sixteen.  Letty had been weakened by the glitter of the dance party, knowing the suffocating boredom of her home and the cold disciplinarians that were her parents who had quietly institutionalised her brother for his socialism.  She couldn't stand the idea of going back to them and had actually considered suicide if she couldn't snag an American husband who could keep her in glitz and glamour.  Haruta chose to keep his situation quiet because he knew who else had been packed into that skull and didn't want to be Gipontel's servant again (as he had during the Victorian era, a time they can't remember).

Physical Form and Powers

Elil Power (Speed of Wind): Haruta can move at an incredible speed  (up to 100km/h) for a human beings and can use that momentum to get thirty feet up a wall before having to grab onto anything.  This additional speed also means that Haruta acts as though his relevant skill is double what it actually is in terms of initiative - in other words, he almost always acts whenever he damn well chooses to act.  When coupled with Fist of Air, or using two handguns, he can fire both guns in the same round at a +1 Hit Threshold.  Finally he can cover thrice as much ground when swimming or climbing per turn.

Asharu Form Ability (Wings): A pair of eight-foot-long wings extends from her shoulders that allow her to take off from a standing position and glide up to three times her running speed.  Even without using these wings she is lifted a few inches above the ground by a non-existent breeze which runs through her hair, allowing her to pass through an area without leaving any prints.

Elil Form Ability #1 (Whirlwind): Haruta is harder to hit and gains a +1 bonus to Target Number to hit due to the pressure of the wind enveloping her form.  Enemies must also spend an additional point of Scuffling to grapple her and that point doesn't otherwise count toward their rolls.

Elil Form Ability #2 (Fist of Air): Haruta can blast a person with wind as though he were always carrying a heavy revolver, even when unarmed and uses the Firearms skill to do it.


Abilities: Athletics 9, Firearms 12, Fleeing 8, Health 12, Sanity 9, Scuffling 8, Stability 9

Faith: 3; spells - none known.

Hit Threshold: 4

Alertness Modifier: +0

Stealth Modifier: +0

Weapon: +1 (blast of wind)

Armor: 1 (in apocalyptic form).

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