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Demonic Cthulhu Character: Zipacna

Fallen Name: Zipacna
Titles: Sculpter of the Fleshy Form (Malefactor).
Sub-House: Forge (Mummu).
Legion: Crimson Legion (Honourable War).
Faction: Faustian (Schemer)

Demonic Personality Traits:

Zipacna Personality Traits: A curious and utterly na├»ve fallen angel who could become very excited by a new proposition without thought to the potential long-term repercussions.  She was also quite secretive on her various projects, a trait that became her downfall.

Zipacna History: Initially she was designed to help craft animal flesh out of base matter and thus knew a little of the Devourer's craft.  Zipacna chose to enlighten humanity for no other reason than because she could see the potential there and because the highest of the angels said it was a good idea so it had to be.  She likewise followed Lucifer directly into the Crimson Legion, supposing he must be correct.  She learned her craft alongside many others under Nemere's tutelage and grew to love enchanting relics.  She was convinced to secretly assist Abaddon himself with plans to create a relic that would allow demons to mate with mortals to create children, turning their spiritual bodies into flesh.  She invented the Stone of Fecundity and Limitation that would clothe one in mortal bones and blood and anchored their immortal essence to mortal seed.  Several score of these stones were created and from them were made the Nephilim.  At the time she was incredibly pleased, later she was mortified.  Once she reached the Abyss, she saw that perhaps the issue wasn't the Nephilim but those who were entrusted to raise them.

Host: Emily Probst

She was granted a host by Ambrose Mogens who devised a ritual to summon her out of the pit with the assistance of his cult.  Her host is the biologist Emily Probst whose mind was thoroughly fractured after being raised as a fifth generation cultist and thus being exposed to strange truths from an early age.  She now performs startling research into human fertility and cloning, mainly ethically shaky, and is invaluable in helping discover new chemical compounds that can help drive the flesh warped creatures kept in the Mogens Institute.  With mortal science and demonic magic, she plans bring forth a new human race, combining the best features of mortal and demon.  Nominally the Minister of Lions as she is involved in the defence of the place.

Physical Form and Powers

Annunaki Power (Enchant Device ):Zipacna has the rare ability to imbue items with flesh warping energies, however, without a Rabisu of the right lore she has no control over exactly what power is imbued or how it will manifest.  These devices, most often bracers which are attuned to an individual or stones which are swallowed, will produce a particular flesh warping power whose effects are unknown until it is tried.  It is a potential 8 Stability loss per use of these unchained devices.  There are no known methods of reversing these effects.  Zipacna doesn't know of this new limitation yet and so is experimenting with multiple artefact combinations on Mogens' patients.

If she works with the right Rabisu she can spend 1 point of Faith to imbue a limited version of that Rabisu's power into the device (i.e. if the Rabisu can buff themselves with a floating pool of extra general ability points as their central power, she can instead put a +5 permanent boost to a single general ability into the devices).  With an additional point of faith she can ensure there is no flesh warp when such a device is used.  Fallen can only use a number of these devices equal to their permanent Faith rating and must spend a temporary faith each day to empower them.  Mortals may only use one such device.  Further devices *will* instil an Appearance Defect on top of any Benefits.

Roll twice on both tables to get the result of a particular artefact:


1.      Facial features warped in a hideous and inhuman manner.

2.      Skin covered in blisters, rashes, raised fleshy scales or simply peeling.

3.      Enlarged body with inhuman or twisted limbs, strange gait.

4.      Hair thickens and becomes semi-mobile, like tentacles, growths on face and body.

5.      Tumours appear sporadically about the body, benign but weeping pus.

6.      Symbiotic insects live and grow within special sacs in host body, swarm over skin.


1.      Gain 5 points of Health (may raise the cap beyond 10).

2.      Gain a venomous attack which deals +1 damage over five rounds to the victim.

3.      Increase the target number to hit them to 5.

4.      Gain

5.      Gain 3 points in Athletics and Fleeing, and a dog-like sense of smell.

6.      Gain a 0 damage natural weapon used with Scuffling, or simply enlarged fists.

Annunaki Form Ability (Iron Skin): When using her revelatory form which costs a point of faith, Zipacna gains 2 points of armour and can suppress encountered poisons for the duration of her apocalyptic form.

Mummu Form Ability #1 (Tremor Sense): Zipacna can feel the approach and movement of people and devices within thirty feet by simply making skin contact with the ground or a wall.  Her Alertness Modifier goes up to +2 in a low-vibration area, though this can be reduced to a +1 if there is a lot of vibrations in the area.

Mummu Form Ability #2 (Relentless): Zipacna can physically work without need of rest, and is able to cover superhuman distances without pause.  As long as she stays in motion, she is unaffected by fatigue or hunger.  She can work relentlessly in a workshop so long as she is in her revelatory form.


Abilities: Athletics 6, Health 10, Sanity 5, Scuffling 8, Stability 6, Weapons 6

Faith: 3; spells - Enchant Cane, Enchant Knife, Enchant Whistle.

Hit Threshold: 4

Alertness Modifier: +0 / +2

Stealth Modifier: +0

Weapon: +0
Armor: 2

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