Thursday, June 2, 2016

Demonic Cthulhu Character: Ezurial

Fallen Name: Ezurial
Titles: Angel of Wild Diversity (Devourer).
Sub-House: Wilds (Aruru).
Legion: Crimson (Honourable War).
Faction: Faustian (Schemer).

Demonic Powers

Ezurial Personality Traits and History: A wild-eyed and curious fallen angel who tended to be overcome by her passion for the biodiversity of the world, eagerly recounting and reciting the very many different plant and animal species which she had seen across the world.  She sought to preserve the biodiversity of Eden even before the war and actually fell due to a desire to instruct humanity on how to behave in a way that wouldn't adversely affect it.  She continued her obsession during the war and yet found herself strangely drawn to some of the Silver Legion's works in changing plants, going so far as to preserve dozens of samples during the Long March which caused her to be publicly shamed by her liege lord, Grifiel, due to the nature of those plants.  She avoided him forever more and ended up in the Faustian Faction as it was her second best fit.

Host: Kalpana Bhatia was a student of plant and animal diversity who used to explore the fringes of local jungles, using her parents wealth, in her desire to find something that will mutate freely across generations.  An interesting early success she has had involves a species of dove found in Sri Lanka, which seems to have a lot more information found within its chromosomes than might otherwise by expected.  She was possessed after being paralysed by a rare species of orchid at a distance of six inches, and dying after several days in the wilds glimpsed only by animals moving through the woods.  Her host suffers the effects of racism whenever she attempts to branch out from under Mogens' wing so she typically stays behind.  Nominally the Minister of Eagles as she whispers information into the ears of her doves.

Physical Form and Powers:

Aruru Power (Mutation): Ezurial can mutate plants with a touch and will them to have changed characteristics which can include anything found in the plant kingdom, whether thorns, poisons, sleep-inducting pollen, gas release, or minor movements like Venus flytraps.

Alternate Rabisu Ability
(Natural Weaponry): Her fingers are tipped with claws and thin painful hairs lie upon her skin which - unless suppressed - are +1 lethal weapons which he can use to attack people with Scuffling and which do an additional 1 point of damage per Scuffling attack against him (for when they strike him they rip their hands on his thorns).  While in this form she is also immune to poisons encountered while in apocalyptic form and poisons encountered beforehand are suppressed for the duration (including alcohol) though damage caused by the poison remains.  Dangerous gases are likewise ignored so long as the required amount of oxygen is still available.

Aruru Form Ability #1 (Sleeping Breath): Ezurial can emit a poison cloud of sleep-inducing vapours which prevent the use of any General Abilities unless a point is spent, i.e. to use Fleeing you *must* spend a point of Fleeing on the roll to do so and this initial spend doesn't add to the roll.

Aruru Form Ability #2 (Chameleon Skin): Ezurial can blend in by taking on the guise of plant matter that roughly matches human size but does not have a human's shape.  This includes patches of mould if indoors.  This provides Ezurial with an extra 8 stealth points that may only be used in apocalyptic form and which do not refresh until 24 hours have passed.  If this trait belongs to an NPC this becomes a +2 Stealth Modifier.


Abilities: Athletics 9, Health 12, Sanity 6, Scuffling 6, Stability 7, Weapons 2

Faith: 3; spells - none known.

Hit Threshold: 4

Alertness Modifier: +0

Stealth Modifier: +2

Weapon: +1 (claws)

Armor: 0

NOTE: Feel free to comment on the custom mechanics here involving powers and abilities.  I'm not too worried about balance since there's only two PCs but I am interested to hear about your thoughts on what might be broken or weak-sauce even for NPCs.

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