Friday, May 11, 2012

25 Westcrown Nobility Secrets

So there I am, looking for little seeds to pop in with the Westcrown nobility and I'm not finding all that much so I think to myself, maybe I should just do up a list of my own? So here we are, a bunch of ways to hopefully spice up any political campaign in Westcrown.

1. Incestuous siblings.

2. Hidden half-breed child.

3. Having an affair with a disguised devil.

4. Bellflower Network sympathiser.

5. Regular at a tiefling brothel.

6. Sold their son and daughter's souls for power (still own their own soul).

7. Has a contract out on an official's life.

8. Responsible for the murder of his wife's first husband.

9. Secret worshipper of a chaotic deity.

10. Milani cleric (goddess of revolutionaries).

11. Hunts shadows at night.

12. Member of a sporting club that hunts criminals (especially Tieflings) released in Rego Dospera.

13. Family once conspired against House Thrune during the revolution.

14. Demonologist.

15. Secretly spreading diseases through sex in tribute to Urgathoa.

16. Member of the Council of Thieves.

17. Forged deeds to a recently purchased 'house' after the owners refused to sell.

18. Hellknight informer.

19. Thrune spy.

20. Andoren infiltrator.

21. Staunch Kuthite (mostly due to squick factor).

22. Actually a vampire / doppelganger.

23. Actually a paladin.

24. Banished a loved one due to some indiscretion.

25. Murdered one's own spouse.

Anyone got any others they're willing to throw into the mix?

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