Thursday, May 10, 2012

50 Westcrown Noble Weaknesses

Everyone has to have a weakness, right? I figured I might as well compile a list (and share it) so that I've always got something in mind when PCs start poking around the Westcrown nobility (or other nobility), looking for something to use against them.

1. Addicted to pesh.
2. Alcoholic / Binge drinker.
3. Will do anything for sex.
4. Compulsively agrees with men.
5. Submissive toward pretty women.
6. Servile around authority.
7. Easily goaded.
8. Suspicious of everyone.
9. Gossipy to a fault.
10. Honest to a fault.
11. Utterly racist.
12. Misogynist (or the female variant).
13. Chauvinist (underestimating the opposite gender).
14. Phobias (fear of something).
15. Manias (excited by something).
16. Philias (sexually aroused by something).
17. Various -ists (look down upon people of a certain category).
18. Other insanities.
19. Loves / hates public attention.
20. Far, far too curious.
21. Overly ambitious.
22. Always tries to make a failure into a success.
23. Perfectionist.
24. Gullible.
25. Cowardly.
26. Always trying to prove himself.
27. Mistrusts magical (and therefore magical items).
28. Dhampyr (healing magic harms).
29. Lusts after exotic races.
30. Going senile.
31. Always keeps his word.
32. Will sacrifice much if he believes his honor is besmirched.
33. Over-extends his power.
34. Aims to intimidate.
35. Insults others readily.
36. Relies on one primary ability (knowledge of the law, dueling skills).
37. Inability to empathise (or see another's point of view).
38. Makes overly convoluted plans.
39. Expects blind obedience (thus surprised by treachery).
40. Too paranoid to involve allies.
41. Jealous of her lover's attention.
42. Prone to angry outbursts.
43. Will do anything for enough gold.
44. Grows obsessed over obtaining beautiful / powerful items.
45. Very passive aggressive.
46. Spends money too freely.
47. Miserly to the point of under-paying subordinates.
48. Needs to boast about his prowess / skills / accomplishments.
49. Lets down his guard around artists / servants / lovers.
50. Uses brutality rather than rewards to inspire her subordinates.

Well, there's 50 of them. You guys got any more you'd care to add? The bigger the list, the better!

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