Monday, May 7, 2012

WoD To Do With Clan Daeva, Part 1

Ahh, the delicious Daeva. Those lusty guys built for rape both mental and physical (super fast, super strong, and super enchanting). They are sheer physical perfection mixed in with a magnetic beauty that can capture anyone's attention. Their passions are stunted as with all vampires but are strong enough that a Daeva can convince themselves that they feel just as strongly as any mortal. It's just that their passions are more refined, yeah, and a little more slanted toward spite or rage or jealousy, sure, but that's just because of the depth of their emotion and the terrible cage of the danse macarbe. It's not that they're as dead as any other vampire, feeling emotions through the lens of the Beast, oh no.... But I digress.

Theme: Roses have thorns; Beauty really is only skin deep.

Mood: Intoxication; desperation; manic need; base urges; melancholia; devotion.

15 Plot Hooks:

1. When a PC uses Majesty on a human friend (or what passes for one) or friendly face they've regularly encountered, they never expected to accidentally hit upon some desperate need within them. The NPC begins stalking them, hoping to find that note of inspiration once more, irrevocably changing the nature of their relationship forever unless the PC uses some fancy footwork to get out of it.

2. What would an obsessed ghoul, doped on blood, actually be like around someone who's always the center of attention? What would jealousy actually do to someone? Take a look at their ghoul, or even regular human retainers, and see how far you can take it. Perhaps a legal retainer tries to become like the vampire, dressing like her, divorcing her husband and dumping her children with her mother-in-law. Perhaps a ghoul falls into depression and despondancy, only ever satisfied and capable when in the direct attention of the regnant.

3. Word on the street is that there's a man cruising the nightclubs who's capable of making even a vampire feel truly alive. No heartbeat or anything tawdry like that, just that eager truth of emotion that the living experience. What would a Daeva do to catch him? What is he exactly? And most dangerous of all, what would happen to a Daeva who experiences the death of their soul and emotion again ... and again.

4. A lazy Daeva is tired of the dangers of an unlife spent fifteen minutes late and the risks of tempting sunrises and other such issues just because of slothfulness. She wishes to change her vice, but can a vampire truly change? The Ordo Dracul have an idea, and so do the Crone, but will she survive those tribulations? Will she want to? And can the PCs help?

5. Someone is going around the city, purchasing vice from Daeva and peddling it on the streets. It sounds good in theory as the sinful pull is removed, but the Daeva find themselves more bland and dead inside, finding it hard to be interested in anything. It's only a temporary situation, but who is it purchasing vice, how, and what's going to happen to his human buyers?

6. The Daeva Priscus offers her favor to any kindred who can throw the most exquisite gathering. Of course, she's not telling them what her preferences are, or what the rating scale is, so it's up to the PCs to do some research to figure out what she wants and how to give it to her ... if they're willing to pay the price on their morality.

7. An Invictus Daeva rolls into town and though she seems oh so friendly, where she goes, friendships shatter and alliances crack, but she's always there with a shoulder to cry on and she seems so genuine with not a bad word to say about anyone. The Invictus, too, vouch for her and they ... seem strangely immune.

8. Daeva gossip can be damning. If the PCs are clever, they can learn a lot simply by visiting the various gossips around town, which does mean going to a variety of different joints and placating a variety of strange personalities.

9. A werewolf serial killer is seducing and then butchering Daeva across the city and those he can't seduce he stalks and kills. Their bodies (as they're generally neonates) are found in the exact same way each time though the brutal markings can easily be seen through the rot and mark the man as something other than human. Can the PCs stop him before he hits the next Striking Looks or person with Majesty down?

10. A nightclub singer has the most enchanting voice. She can move even the coldest vampire to feel true feeling, yet she has an uncanny knack for noticing kindred and somehow escaping. Some Daeva are starting to think she's a ghost, as she's even fled into windowless rooms before and somehow disappeared.

11. A nasty, and rather crazy, Daeva is desperate to be haunted. Only then would he truly feel needed and loved and he's trying to figure out how to groom a pretty girl into stalking him and then how to kill her in such a way that she will anchor herself to him and be with him forever more. Can, or will, the PCs help him? And what will come of their efforts?

12. A Nosferatu diabolist is running about town, targeting Daeva to try to combat his lack of feeling and beauty, as he's so sure that he can glean some of their beauty if only he consumes the right one the right way. Soon people will love him. Soon, everyone will....

13. A Daeva Carthian rejects the clan as a bunch of silly addicts dressing up their urges as being more 'human' and has started scoffing at the clan publicly. The other clans are encouraging her but if she continues on this way, someone will have to rectify the situation. Do the PCs want to help or hurt her? And what will the ramifications be?

14. The Prince has decided to celebrate 100 years of praxis and he wants Clan Daeva to do something spectacular to impress him. If they succeed, they will enjoy Clan Ascendancy for a year despite their numbers, but if they fail, their clan will be a laughing stock for decades to come.

15. See if you can get a Daeva player to accept the idea of 'love at first sight' (or bite) and work in the sort of NPC that their character might get along with. See what shenanigans follow. Feel free to keep the NPC vanilla or add some form of supernatural (or Hunter) spice to mix things up a bit.

So there you have it. A bundle of (hopefully) cool plot ideas involving Clan Daeva. Enjoy!

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