Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More links from my favorites bar

There's a nice collection of horror Roleplaying Articles over on Dice of Doom's blog....

The Werewolf: the Forsaken 'Detroit Rock City' Actual Play that's a lot like a novel.

Limyaael talks about what's trite, what's cool, and what's been done in her various Fantasy Rants that focus on literature but can apply to all forms of media (including roleplay).

Runeslinger talks about chases and escapes....

Finding ship models for roleplaying games....

A cool site for when you want to double check some Pathfinder mechanic but don't have the books on hand....

There's also Life Aboard for shipboard information.

And, of course, the Writer's Forensics blog. Remember, all writer's guides to places, cultures, character design, world building, or sciences are potentially usable in Roleplaying Games. I know I've certainly benefited from them!

So hopefully, that should be an interesting collection of random links for you.

Ta ta for now!

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