Friday, May 11, 2012

25 Westcrown Noble Goals

So what are some of things that the nobility might want to do in Westcrown, other than the obvious increase the power of one's own House, marrying one's daughters / sons to important people, destroy enemies' house, and gain more money and power.

1. Find a cure for elven low fertility rates so that elves may be readily bred in captivity to ensure an easy access to slaves.
2. Create a moving, tragic opera through the judicious use of slave gnomes allowed to slowly Bleach in captivity.
3. Wipe out the homeless at any cost.
4. Cultivate a cult to Zon Kuthon amongst the prominent daughters about town.
5. Renew the White Plague (based off the Suicide Cult of Sifkesh).
6. Undermine the women's movement that's seeing an increase in Matriarchs or women in important roles, such as the Guard.
7. Degrade a rival's daughter.
8. Challenge an enemies' son to a duel.
9. Turn Westcrown into the art capital of Cheliax.10. Throw the most splendid gala / other event that will be the talk of the town.
11. Always set the Westcrown fashions, or at least be on the cutting edge.
12. Attract an important business venture to Westcrown.
13. Find some way to reopen the Pathfinder Lodge, or create a new one, in Westcrown.
14. Increase an allied family's standing by drawing attention toward their successes and away from their failures.
15. Find the perfect gift for the heir to an important House whose birthday is coming up.
16. Get out of debt.
17. Become famous amongst the common people.
18. Obtain a coveted official position (or perhaps a less coveted position such as leader of the dottari simply for its practical applications)
19. Curry favor with another country's merchants to try and get a monopoly on a particular type of good or service.
20. Expose an enemy as a traitor or a forger (whether true or not).
21. Seed doubts about a rival House member's parentage.
22. Hide several potential heirs in case something happens to your primary heir.
23. Get a doppelganger to infiltrate another family, cause trouble, and feed back to you information.
24. Unearth several Thrune informants so that you can send misinformation back to the throne.
25. Cause the Council of Thieves to come onto the Thrune radar as an enemy so that power bloc is no longer an issue.

As always, if you have any further ideas, please leave them in the Comments below so everyone can benefit.

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