Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flashpoint: Clearing the island

The now touchy and overly sexualised witch / oracle smears charcoal bands across her arms and face and demands that the characters provide her with vengeance against those who have defiled her village and destroyed her friends. They are to investigate the village and figure out precisely what has caused such misery, and why. She shows them the path which will lead to the halfling village where they find a number of zombies and the plants that are responsible.

There are 6 zombies around the town that attack them and two yellow musk plants, one that has grown out of a halfling corpse and another that has grown up out of the corpse of a sailor. They figure out that the Yellow Musk plants, which are native to the Mwangi Expanse, must've been transported here by ship and so they go up to one of the limestone stacks and look around for a wreck. They find one with two more of those zombies wandering around at the badly broken bow of a ship. They attack and destroy them (Wellard sucked in combat and ended up being advised to stay back) and finally a draugr came rushing out at them. The barbarian took it down in a few mighty blows.

They drink the Witch's Brew which makes them spiteful and those who indulge in their spite gain a free re-roll versus poison. They also potentially take some more Wisdom damage. Lhye indulges by taking a piece of Hallik's hair and claiming that he can do terrible witchy stuff with it. Proteus offers Hallik his bedroll that night, only to crash out in it, leaving Hallik to get all the more horribly fatigued.

On the third day, the witch has braided kelp into her hair and wears nought but a sea weed skirt and a shell necklace. She demands the characters slay for her a stingray, a shark, and a squid, so that she could make an offering that may call a ship to this island to bring them freedom. Proteus freaks out about being bait but they kill the three easily enough in the coastal waters.

Of course, a meteorite crashes down and by the time they reach it, they note that two Akata have gotten loose. The meteorite appears to be made out of organically woven adamantine (which terrified the hell out of them, what can weave adamantine) and Archer heads off with the NPCs to check out a mast glimpsed in a sea cave; while the others track down the Akata. Lhye rolled a 20 on his Know Planes roll and knew a fair bit about them.

They track one of them to a hole that opened up on the cliffs well out of range of the sea spray, and Proteus crawled down into the hole - but couldn't find it. The two Akata then ambushed the others, striking Lhye and infecting Lunjun before being taken out - mostly by Lenny's might. Wow, barbarians are epic compared to everything else. Her damage outputs cannot be ignored. They kill the two (Lenny ends up having to chase one of them using the Pathfinder chase rules before cornering it on a cliff) and then return to reclaim their adamantine prize.

The adamantine turns black and sigils etched into it glow a smoking blue. While Lunjun recovers from his disease (with Lhye's helpful ministrations involving washing the wound out, and scrubbing it, with sea water over a few days), he uses his Linguistics skill to translate the queer mix between Thassilonian runes and Infernal cypher. The words were:

"A gift for those who seek to strike the prince. The next gift will speak more truly."

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