Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Building A Free Adventure

I went and bought the very cool and very demented Death Love Doom which is body horror dialed up to 120.  Seriously, the pictures alone would induce nightmares for a fair number of people.  It's like Kult without being Kult.  If you're into that kind of horror, I'd suggest picking it up and running it for your group.  It would be pretty easily converted into whatever rules system you prefer as there aren't much in the way of rules in there.  You can check out the author's blog over here and you can find the book at the Pazio shop.

Enough about him and more about me.

You see, it was a good adventure but it's not the type of horror I run and, more importantly, not the type of horror my players can stomach.  So I decided to spin off a similar theme: a haunted house tale in the body horror genre where there's some illegal stitching.  Oh, and I decided to set it during World War II, specifically in the time of the Barrow Blitz, in a large estate near Barrow-in-Furness.  I'd already invented a London True Fae called the Seamstress, anyhow, so I could always use her as a possible antagonist.

As I kept thinking on it, I realised that as it was now an entirely new adventure that I'd need to type up that I might as well share it with the rest of you.  At the moment I'm designing the property which was created in the Victorian era and has been adapted to war work - primarily victory gardens but also some trenches for the Home Guard to use in their practice.  They have some servants (the men too old to enlist), have lost a family member to the war, and have three Land Girls living in their converted barn.

As I'm developing the rooms, and the horrors that lurk within, I've also started looking at the history and relationships interconnecting the various NPCs.  I wanted to feed that through the various rooms in some interesting ways.  Naturally I can't talk much about this process without giving too much away.

Once I'm done with it, I'll find someplace to host the document and give you links to it.  I'll be doing a version for BRP Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness and Trail of Cthulhu with different antagonists that fit those paradigms.  I might do one for Pathfinder, as well, though I'd naturally have to shake it up a bit by placing it in Golarion and therefore altering the rooms and technology.  Each document would be a separate one for you to download.

Keep you posted!

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