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True Fae Actor: The Red Queen

Actor: The Royal Red of Passion

This is the aspect most of the Changelings think about when they think of the Red Queen but the term 'Red Queen' is the publicly known name used to cover everything that is that particular True Fae.  You can read more about the Fae over here and find more articles from the same campaign over here.


The Red Queen is a voluptuous figure bedecked in ruby-studded gold jewellery, with a massive rich red velvet dress and fur-lined coat.  Her ruby eyes hold pupils of flame and her scarler hair falls like a waterfall about her pale red skin.  While her figure is enticing and beautiful, her face would be considered grotesque if captured in a painting due to the exaggerated facial expressions and too large facial features.  Few people have the will to find her ugly when they see her in person, however.  She has her heraldic image engraved upon her forehead (see description here).
Storytelling Hints:

The Red Queen is a passionate figure who can be at alternate times an eager seductress, veangeful queen, or inspiring royal, depending on circumstances, but always with a gleam of mania in her eye and a level of passion in her voice.  She can switch between moods and seems to feel very strongly about it at the time so it is hard to remain on her good side throughout a conversation.  Luckily (or perhaps unluckily), she tends to prefer to plot complex methods of revenge rather than simply injuring whoever gave her offense.  The Red Queen expects to be served and cherished.  This is why she is so confused by the idea of Freehold monarchs as surely no mere Changeling could compare to a True Fae's grandeur and is always eager to hear news of them.  She may even be willing to free a Changeling who cleverly offered to bring her a Monarch, or enough news of one, in exchange for his or her freedom.

Apparent Age: 36
Gender: Female
Seeming: Fairest
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Intelligence: 3
Wits: 4
Resolve: 6

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 4

Presence: 6
Manipulation: 5
Composure: 1

Academics: 0
Computer: 0
Crafts: 0
Investigation: 1
Medicine: 0
Occult: 2
Politics: 6
Science: 0

Athletics: 2
Brawl: 4
Drive: 1
Firearms: 0
Larceny: 0
Stealth: 0
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 3

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 1
Expression: 3
Intimidation: 5
Persuasion: 3
Socialise: 4
Streetwise: 0
Subterfuge: 5

Wyrd: 8
Willpower: 7
Health: 10
Size: 6
Initiative: 5
Speed: 14

Striking Looks (****)
Fencing (***)
Languages (English and all European)
Token: The Glimpsing Mirror (***)
Token: Hedgespun Wardrobe (***)
Token: The Keeper's Quirt (*****)

Vainglory 5
Moon 3
Reflection 5
Separation 4
Hearth 3

Must always pause to consider her reflection when she catches sight of it for at least one round (Minor Bane); May not bring harm to anyone who is currently complimenting her for so long as they continue to do so - though no compliment may be repeated or the spell will be broken (Major Bane).

Mien Blessings: 
Seductive Fragrance (Flowering - Changeling: the Lost); Burning Hypnotism (Flamesiren - Winter Masques); A Mouthful of Sin (Oni - Winter Masques)

Weapons / Attacks:
The Keeper's Quirt (1L): 8 dice.
Fencing Sword Token: 7 dice + 5 automatic successes that only count on attack.

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