Monday, March 4, 2013

Dystopic: Meeting The Court

Three players couldn't attend this session but that was easily excused.  We simply stated that Nomad 6 had taken Leningrad and Oxford out to pick up a supply of books from New York.  The remainder of the team were chilling out in their bookstore, doing what they do, awaiting the very rare customer when a dark-skinned woman in a beige coat sized for concealing a handgun walks in, followed by a big guy who looked kind of like a bouncer.  They soon find out that this was Jackman (the woman) and Garrand (the man) who were from the Lions Ministry.  The duo stated that Minister Garcia would like to meet them.

The PCs were rather cautious and suspicious, as you'd expect.  The Lions Ministry duo were rather tough and in charge.  Tokyo tried to pretend she wasn't there.  Miami and London tried to contain the situation.  London couldn't help but try and rub the two people the wrong way at least a little.  Finally the two Fallen newcomers told them to meet Minister Garcia at a particular pizza joint in two hours time.  They were to leave their guns in their vehicle.  Then the two left.

There was a brief meeting of the minds where Miami and London couldn't quite decide which one of them would be the main speaker and Tokyo told them she'd stay silent and she hoped one of them would speak for her.  Tokyo also gave them a little bit of the information on the Fallen Court that had been provided to her by Prometheus.  Then the trio left the bookstore in Dallas' hands (Changeling NPC they rescued a few sessions ago who now helps mind the store) and went down to the pizza parlour.

In the pizzeria, Lions Minister Garcia sat in the corner booth while another man who seemed human cleaned the counter.  Jackman and Garrand stood near the booth.  The team were invited to go over and sit down, which they did, and Minister Garcia grilled them on why they were there.  They stuck to their story of having escaped the pit together as friends, found each other again topside, and then come to help with Miami's bookstore (they used his human last name, Ortega) as he had the best location. 

Tokyo remained silent throughout this conversation and London and Miami had to take turns fielding all questions directed toward her.

Minister Garcia mentioned that the Minister of Aurochs is also called Ortega.  They asked Garcia a bit about the other Ministers but she had little to say and little time to say it in when Dragon Minister Chang walked in.  There was a bit of political wrangling as Minister Chang said he was surprised to hear that new Fallen were rounded up by her ministry rather than sent toward his Ministry and that he had to hear of their arrival from the Eagles Minister.  Surely it's the Dragon Ministry's job to introduce them?

Dragon Minister Chang then guides them out to a limousine with steel skull hub caps (which makes London mistakenly believe Chang is a Slayer) and the group have a conversation where Chang asked them to fetch some socialite's diaries from an Auction House in Venice.  Apparently the Tyrant is big into parties and celebrations that the entire court ais required to attend (apologies and non-RSVPs to be directed to Minister Chang and they need to be backed by good excuses).  She wants to have a level of realism to the balls and so wants this seventeenth century set of diaries.  He asks them to procure them, offering his goodwill in exchange.  He seems to be circumspect about the Auroch Minister and that's saying something as he doesn't say much about the other ministers.

The team are unconvinced of the value of his goodwill.

The limousine engages some kind of magnetic locomotion as they reach a skyscraper and they slide onto a set of tracks that leads them up to the roof.  At the very top, they get out and are led up to a balcony where they're allowed a few minutes to deliberate on their own (Tokyo loops previously recorded conversation through the Ministry bugs that she locates and hacks).

Then the Tyrant arrives by helicopter with the Minister of Aurochs, Ortega.  Ortega has a silver gun at her hip which, to Awareness, reveals a pattern of Lore of Death, Lore of Longing, and Lore of Forge etched into it.  Garcia enters with Eagles Minister Khosravi.  Dust Minister Medina comes up alone and otherwise stands quietly ton one side.  The Tyrant opens up a quick ceremony with the ministers encircling the poor trio and each one of the trio is told to select the Ministry they wish to join.  The Tyrant states that the official welcoming ceremony will occur at the next court gathering.

London selected the Ministry of Aurochs - Minister Ortega.
Miami selected the Dragon Ministry (hoping to deal with supernaturals) - Minister Chang.
Tokyo selected the Eagles Ministry - Minister Khosravi.

Lions Minister Garcia looks obviously cross at having been brought out here for nothing.  Medina simply quietly leaves.  The Tyrant heads inside for refreshments and then one by one each character is taken inside to be interviewed by their relevant minister while the other two characters get to spend some time alone together (with Tokyo still messing with the bugs).  I figured that'd be the best way to keep them in character.

Firstly London spoke with Aurochs Minister Ortega who told him that she didn't brook questioning as she believes that's what lost them the war against God.  Lucifer shouldn't have allowed the other legions to break away as they did.  Total law and obedience is the only thing that will save the Fallen.  London, quite intimidated, fell into a "Yes, ma'am" / "No, ma'am" pattern, all the while thinking about how he might need to assassinate her to get out of his predicament.  To his Lawful Good mind, she was the antithesis of everything he stood for.

Secondly, Tokyo spoke with Eagles Minister Khosravi who managed to put her mind at ease.  She started off near silent but his good-natured advice and pointers on how she needs to keep her head down to stay safe worked to pull her out of her shell a little bit.  She admitted to being a hacker and he stated how useful that would be.  He also told her in a diplomatic way that if she were to find herself in trouble she should hide behind Minister Garcia (Lions Minister), basically stating that he lacked the power to protect her - without coming outright to say it.  He also advised her to watch herself around London, as he was now a member of the Aurochs Ministry.  London would be beholden to betray any secrets to his new boss - whether he wanted to or not.

Finally, Miami had a rather disappointing meeting with Dragon Minister Chang.  Miami was hoping to deal with vampire courts, other fallen courts, and the other supernaturals, but soon learned that the Dragon Ministry here was a glorified set of party planners who occasionally attend other gatherings mostly out of diplomatic necessity to do damage control rather than forging bonds.  He found it rather disappointing.

Then the trio were released back to their bookstore.  They had a conversation about what to do and London argued that they needed to assassinate the Aurochs Minister before she dragged him down the Torment trail.  He also stated that the Aurochs Minister was a mad tyrannical figure, the power behind the throne, likely to execute him if he so much as looked at her funny.

I certainly did a good job having her put the fear of God into London with that little encounter with Ortega considering this later conversation.

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