Thursday, March 7, 2013

James Tyler (nWoD Vampire) Meet Tatters of the King (Call of Cthulhu)

Some of you may have followed the antics of James Tyler, wannabe Hunter and conman Daeva, as he traveled America to slay evil supernaturals with his plucky pal, Peter Walsh.  If you haven't, you can see the adventure summaries of this solo campaign over here.  I haven't bothered with an Actual Play because a lot happens in a short amount of time and I have far too many Actual Plays on the go already.  Therefore, I decided to do it a little differently and share with you all of the materials that I'm using for the next campaign arc.

I've been wanting to use the Tatters of the King campaign for awhile and after having success running Delta Green adventures with James Tyler, I figured to give this one a go.  It helps that it's set in late Autumn / Winter in England where it gets light quite late in the morning and dark quite early in the evening so appointments can be arranged at those two times with other people.  It still takes some work to come up with reasons they can visit folk nocturnally but as Peter Walsh can do things during the daytime, if it's not too interesting, I have him do it while the player character sleeps.

So anyway, Tatters of the King is a campaign by Chaosium that is set in the Call of Cthulhu mythos.  That mythos isn't true in my New World of Darkness (NWoD) but with some fancy footwork and the inclusion of Demon: the Fallen into the NWoD canon, I feel pretty confident that I can piece together something that both allows me to run the campaign largely unchanged while still justifying it in NWoD ways.  As the campaign involves some pretty Changeling-prone elements like the artistic reaction to the Hyades, the stranger, and perhaps even Carcosa itself, I thought I'd interweave a few elements into the background in preparation for a later campaign following a resurgence of heavy True Fae incursions in London.  This will only really hit the ground once Tatters of the King has been concluded, but it's always worth doing some early grounding. 
So what are the articles you can look forward to seeing?

Well, on Mondays you can find articles on Tatters of the King:

The Investigating Team
Call of Cthulhu Monster Statistics
Unspeakable Promise & the Unspeakable Possessor
Advice for running Tatters of the King with a Vampire
Tatters of the King Worthy Links
The True Meaning of Carcosa, Hastur and the King in Yellow
King in Yellow, Hastur, the Wyrd, and the Origins of the True Fae
Visiting Carcosa
Good Uses for Props

On Wednesday, there will be a short run of Vampire posts before returning to your usual programming about Game Translations post-my-wedding:
Special Events on the Kindred Calendar
The Sweet Salon
Props & Sensory Maps
Thoughts on the Campaign
Vampire Noir Adventure Creation: Themes
How It Feels To Be A Vampire

On Fridays, you can find articles on the Changeling side of the London game:  

History of the Azure Eye Freehold
True Fae Stories
Jack Frost
True Fae Spotlight
The Red Queen Summary, ActorProp, Wisps, Locale.
The Snow Princess Summary, Actor, Prop, Locale.
Jack Frost Summary, Actor, Prop, Wisps.
Custom Tokens, Hollows, Ceremonies & Pledges
Autumn Court Festivals 
Changeling Advice
The Ghost Road becomes the Road to Arcadia
Props & Sensory Maps

Feel free to re-visit this article as all of the posts will be linked here as they come up. 

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