Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Worthy Links: Changeling the Lost

Changeling: the Lost Guide For New Gamers
For those of you who've been seeing my True Fae and Changeling posts but have no idea what I'm talking about, this is the guide for you.  It is a really good overview of the setting and system and even touches on what the actual World of Darkness core book is about.  I recommend reading it if you haven't encountered this particular roleplay setting before.  It also has links to reviews for a wide variety of Changeling books so if you have been kicking around the Changeling universe for awhile and are considering which book to buy next, you'll find something worthwhile to check out here as well.

Review of Changeling: the Lost as a Genre
This article is a review rather than a summary (though it has components of that as well), but it's also a worthwhile article to get a better idea of what Changeling is about, such as the sort of themes and mood that it evokes.  It also talks about the True Fae themselves so if you're curious about my True Fae examples, this is the place to look.  Sadly enough, the story seed put forward at the end of the article about the Fae's kidnapping other World of Darkness races isn't canonically accurate for most genres.  They *might* steal the occasional Mage but it's pretty much been outright stated that they don't bother with vampires (as they lack the creative spark and probably can't be altered).

A Round Up of Other Changeling Materials
This articles is a round up of the blog author's posts filled with Changeling materials developed for their own campaign.  There are plenty of links here to juicy materials that are good for people with experience or interest in running, or playing, in a Changeling game.  The articles contained within include such things as Changeling GM tricks, Changeling songs, Changeling civil ceremonies and custom mechanics like new contracts.  Well worth a look.  I know I'll be diving in to devour it all later on.


  1. Speaking of the Fae kidnapping vampires reminds me of the Kysiad bloodline from Masquerade. A ported version of them would actually make a lot more sense in the Lost universe than it did in the OWoD.

    1. I need to take a look at that. Do you know what book it was in?

    2. I believe they were originally from Guide to Sabbat, but I know them from the 20th edition core book.

    3. Thanks for that. I'll take a look.