Friday, March 29, 2013

True Fae Prop: The Red Queen

Props: The Scarlet Render of Hearts

The Scarlet Render of Hearts was once part of a True Fae that mixed romance with murder on a regular basis.  It was taken by the Red Queen when she managed to survive a night of seduction with this other True Fae's Actor in that True Fae's Locale.  It is currently in the guise of a gold sword with a silver blade and a series of ruby hearts down the hilt and a scented rose on the pommel.   You can read more about the Fae over here and find more articles from the same campaign over here.
  • The Scarlet Render of Hearts can terrify and cower foes when brought to bear against them due to its intimidating might.  When used against other True Fae, it provides a +8 automatic successes to Intimidation checks.  Everyone else is simply cowed by the blade.
  • While sheathed, the sword denotes passion and excitement and can arouse great lusts in anyone who views it, causing them to have the vice of Lust as an additional vice until the end of the week.  This vice functions similarly to the Daeva curse in that the victim must spend two willpower to avoid indulging in their vice when temptation presents itself.
  • It strikes well and true and though it is no more sharper than an ordinary long sword it will always hit its target.  It has a mere +2 to damage rolls but you can ignore both Defense and Armor and assume that you have at least hit your target for one damage.
Fae Weakness: The Scarlet Render of Hearts cannot withstand being within the proximity of true love so if a kiss is ever to be shared between two people who truly love each other in a moment of great poignancy (i.e. after one lies dying or during a touching reunion after years apart) within sight of the blade, it will be destroyed.

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