Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adelaide Live Action Sword & Sorcery

Well we've placed our order for weapons and a single leather cuirass and it's going to set us back nearly $1000. Hitting people with fake swords has never been so expensive but oh well, at least it's active and helps with exercise. Unfortunately our weekends have been pretty busy so we haven't managed to go down to do the Marshall training more than once. Marshalls are basically part-moderator and part-that-sporty-word-which-means-you-judge-illegal-actions. Those sessions are the best because they're free!

We've had a bit of trouble playing on Monday nights, in party due to being busy and in part due to cost. We just haven't had the money, especially since we'd need to hire equipment as our weapons and cuirass won't be arriving until late November / early December. This shouldn't be a problem next fortnight but it has been for this fortnight.

The costs are a fair bit less if you pay for ten sessions at once. Basically, $100 for ten sessions rather than $15 per individual session. That'll also be way easier for us as we tend to have more money some fortnights than others.

I'm so excited to get my gear! I'd show you but I can't find the right links at the moment. You might just need to wait until I'm all geared up.

Tee hee!

Next fortnight I will show you my fancy make up. There's a woman who attends ALASS who also happens to be a dab hand with face paint. For a shiny gold coin donation she'll decorate your face. I took some inspiration from Edea from Final Fantasy VIII for the tiefling-esque type character I will be playing when the roleplay side of the game starts up. For now it's just the combat side of it, but I don't mind being decorated for that.

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