Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Plans

Well now that my Fianyarr fantasy mod for the World of Darkness is done and dusted, it's now time to look at some new weekly article topics for your enjoyment. Hmm, so what do I have for you to help get you through the months until Christmas?


Mondays will be Horrors on the Home Front days where I take you through the development of my own World War II setting / rules for a horror game. I'll discuss some of my choices, point out some musings, highlight research options I've completed, and gripe about some of the painful bits and pieces that you never think about until after you decide to do something silly like try to self-publish a book of your own.

Tuesdays will be all about Masks of Nyarlathotep. I'm doing a pretty weird take on it by running it as a psychological horror game where I take a character from a completely different campaign (a monster hunting vampire from Vampire: the Requiem) and do an entire genre and world switch. This allows me to play with elements of reality and insanity through an otherwise rather pulpy campaign. I'll post up articles on how I'll do it and what I've been thinking as well as (later on) links to the audiologs from the game itself. That's right, I am taping the sessions! I've also tracked down a lot of props so there'll be plenty of links included as well.

Wednesdays will be Flashpoint session write ups as game will be moving from Monday to Tuesday so that I can go and be a great big nerd and run around hitting people with soft faux-swords as part of the new LASS group starting up around here. Where there's gaps in Flashpoint due to session cancellations, I will be chatting about my experiences in the Call of Cthulhu play-by-post arena.

Thursdays will alternate between my experiences with this new thing called LASS (including issues of armour and my obsession with props) and some more Game Translations. I've been playing more games and therefore have more things to say. I'll be translating Outlast, Grand Theft Auto 5, The Cat Lady, Left for Dead, Project Zero, Gears of War, Dracula: Origins, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Gone Home, Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Realms of the Haunting, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Dishonoured. If you want to know what Games Translations are all about, you can find them here. If you have any preference for my first Game Translation, mention it in the comments section.

Fridays will include my general Storyteller musings, starting with a series called "The Necessity of Emotional Distance" which looks at the various benefits and drawbacks of invoking emotion in roleplaying games, as well as how to handle it sensitively if you do want to do so. Each installment will focus on a different emotion. After that series I'll probably be doing a bundle of articles on horror, particularly in regards to what I've learned from Outlast (my new favourite horror game).

Saturdays and Sundays will include session write ups for a campaign where I'm the player! The campaign is called 'The Arrival' and its an nWoD / oWoD mash up set in an apocalyptic wasteland version of New York (of course) where demons roam the earth and I play a character with way too much exp for her little nineteen-year-old life.  I'm working a lot harder on how I write this one, in particular, so hopefully it's as enjoyable to read as it is to play.

So that's how my week will look for a fair while.

I know, I know. Where does she find the time to write so much?

Well, I have a typing speed of 100wpm and my musings move faster than that so it doesn't take nearly as much time as you'd think.

 Oh, by the way, if you ever have links that are relevant to the article at hand, don't hesitate to post them in the comments section. I don't mind if it's from your blog, your friend's blog, or a cool youtube video. I am happy to have it included in the comments section so long as it's at least tangentially related. As an example, you're youtubing your play through of Outlast? Feel free to put it in the comments section of the Game Translation about Outlast! You have your own Actual Plays or recordings of your Masks sessions? Happy to see those links in the Masks post's comments section. I don't mind a little cross-pollination of sites. Heck, I know I'm curious about who's reading this thing. Little things like that help me feel like I know you.

*cue creepy laugh here*


  1. I've got used to how fast you write, but I'm well impressed with how organised that all looks! I just make everything up on the spot...

    Looks awesome!

  2. I'm a sucker for audio, so I'm really looking forward to Masks audiologs.

  3. Wow, that formatting (or lack thereof) was bogus.

    Hope you enjoy the audios!