Thursday, October 17, 2013

Adelaide Live Action Swords & Sorcery

Here are the display and for sale weapons on the ALASS stall.
Well I've been trying something a little different.  Adelaide Live Action Swords & Sorcery - or ALASS - is one of those foamy warfare games where people put on armour and lightly tap on each other with foamy swords, spell balls or special arrows in fun sporty 'battles'. 

It's not exactly the cheapest hobby but it sure is nice getting new stuff.

Both my husband and I have spent $500 apiece and that's just on one leather cuirass, short sword, long sword, and two-handed sword.  At some point we'll be ordering a $280 shield, more than likely.

And that's not mentioning the various outfits that I want to get just because they look cool.

We may have gotten a little carried away but hey, we like the pretties.

We've been to one game thus far as it is still quite new and played as Mages since we don't yet have our swords.  We'll be Mages or hiring swords for the next couple months as we won't get our things until early December due to putting in our order just after the latest shipment was sent for.

The group's quite a good one and we have about thirty people attending each time with plenty of room for anyone else who might want to attend in the Adelaide region.  At present we use a sports oval so there's space to run around and get our geeks on.

I was a bit nervous heading out the first time, especially as a female, but everyone was really welcoming and not at all condescending or hostile.  None of that chauvinistic bull you worry about encountering.  There were some other women on the field as well though the majority were male.  Need to recruit some more women!

Anyone in the area who is interested in learning more can visit the ALASS forums here.

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