Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Masks of Nyarlathotep Worthy Links

A beloved campaign run by many.
I've been doing a lot of research for this campaign. And I mean, a LOT. I've always wanted to run this campaign and I see a lot of possibilities from my weird infusion of psychological horror and Call of Cthulhu meets World of Darkness (or does it?) so I'm pretty eager to get it right. Besides which, I love having the excuse for so much research and for creating the kind of beautiful peak performance game that's only possible when you have 20+ years of other people's experiences and props to draw upon. I mean, this campaign book already has an unofficial companion for it! I don't know of any other campaigns that have had that kind of good fortune.

Far Beyond Capacity

There's a link at this blog to a fantastic corkboard of clues that you can zoom in on if you'd like some copies of some of the props.  The Actual Play is also quite comprehensive and also discusses playing the game on Fantasy Grounds (an online assistant) so that can be great if you're looking to do the same.  The players in this game also veer more towards pulpy so if you have characters that are prone to violence then this Actual Play is a good read so you can have an idea about what troubles you might face.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Fan Trailer

This is a pretty neat trailer for the campaign and one that I'm going to show my solo player to get him all excited about playing it.  It might take some of the sting off the inevitable death of several of his allies over the course of the game.  Although there are doubtless a few spoilers in there the fact (mostly in regards to likely location) since it's taken from a variety of clips from different movies it can't get too specific.

Carlyle Expedition Notes

Some very interesting youtubes that provide a more cinematic option for the Carlyle news clippings.

Audio Sessions Plus Audio Keeper Diary

For those who rather to listen to sessions rather than read about them there's this nice collection of audio files.

Nyarlathotep Companion on Obsidian Portal

While the campaign notes are quite brief there's a link on 1920s slang and plenty of links to various pieces of evidence that could be wrangled as props for your own games.

Brief Nyarlathotep Actual Play

This one goes over things very briefly for the New York and part of the London chapter but that can be a helpful read for people who want a vague outline of events.

Masks Wikidot

One Keeper's basic campaign notes filing system.  This wiki is great for people who want to brush up a bit on the locations and dramatis personae but not a whole lot else.

Campaign Trailer Screenplay

While this doesn't actually show any clips the run through of the trailer is evocative in its own way.  The blog's Drama Tools articles are also quite neat.

The Grim Keeper

This blog has some really neet Cthulhu-based blog articles as well as some really swell simple articles and thorough and entertaining Actual Play posts on the campaign.  Those after paper miniatures will find the initial cultists and hunting horrors in the blog.  There's a lot of delightful local colour available within.  There is one article in particular that really captures what reading a Mythos Tome should feel like which is well worth reading.  The author has an article all about their inspirations in creating that tome as well.  There's even an article about issues with the Ju-Ju House (namely size).  Unfortunately it stops short of London.

Total Party Kill

One Keeper's musings on Masks of Nyarlathotep, especially its high lethality.  This particular Keeper has run the game three times so its well worth a read.

Masks of Nyarlathotep at Cthulhu Parade

For those who would like to listen to audio logs of the actual sessions than this is another good one for you.

Held Action

There's only a few articles here but one of the very important ones involves a consideration of PC motivations.  One of the things I've found just from a read through of the campaign is that it has some very pulpy expectations.  Scuffling inside a hotel room?  Why, one should absolutely smash down the door!  Even if you thought it was a thief rather than room service it would be a rather heavyhanded approach for most investigators.

Portfolio: Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

Those looking for better quality props from the various adventures in the companion need look no further as you can find them all here.  You should absolutely look here for more information.

Propnomicon Masks Series

This article in Propnomicon links to a thread filled with so many glorious props ranging from Egyptian postage stamps to maps to pictures.

Masks Floor Maps

Beautiful maps.  Wonderful maps. 

Fringe Masks

Only two articles present on this blog but the bottom one does have a number of player character questions that are worth considering.

Masks Links

Not only does this website contain a large series of journal entries and amusing photographs but it also contains links to a variety of 1920s web resources.  Katya's Fun Facts, in particular, are wonderful to read. http://www.yog-sothoth.com/threads/19232-Maps-for-entire-Masks-of-Nyarlathotep-campaign?p=269700#post269700

Hopefully these will help you as much as they have helped me. If you have any good links on this campaign, please share them with me in the comments section below.


  1. "Solo player"? You're running Masks with one player? That is an interesting approach. I can't wait to find out how it goes!

    1. Interesting, indeedy. It's the reason why I've decided to go with the psychological horror approach through the lens of purist investigation, which isn't what Masks is really built for (pulp with some wiggle room for purist). Still there's a lot of possibility there for psychological horror in Masks if you tone down the lethality and add greater depth through a number of psychological methods. A possibility that really can only be done with one or two players anyway.

      Also known as, I'm plain crazy but my brand of crazy might just be crazy enough to work.